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Horrible Train Wreck in China, Chinese Red Army to the Rescue!- Dramatic Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

An we’re supposed to be afraid of these clowns?
China had a horrible accident, or an accident waiting to happen, depending on your point of view. Allegations of why this accident occurred were shakier than a chicoms legs after a bottle of er gua to (alcohol). But the powerful chicom spin machine quickly blamed a few guys and touted their work in freeing the passengers from this horrific disaster.
I guess the chicom newsies missed this pic that I found on mop.com- here from the accident site. Surprisingly enough those well disciplined Chinese regulars seem to be underwhelmed with the death and chaos and have found time to consult their inner eyelids for comfort. Use Chrome to translate the page and read the comments to see that even the future disappointments (one child patsies) thought this was an outrage.
Some may say “well maybe they needed a rest” and I w waiting could then attempt to beat you over the head with your protective helmt and say ‘no dumbass, at times like this one does not rest, if one has a soul that is…’

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Doing Business in China- What Your MBA Won’t Teach You

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

I studied quite a bit, or I went to many schools and drew pictures while the profs talked, but one thing I learned was that they cannot always tell us the whole truth. An example would be doing business in China. Sure they will tell you that contacts are key and take a name card with both hands, but that is only the tip of the ice berg. In order to succeed in China there is oh so much more. So I have devised a list of some of the best practices of foreigners who have had success in China.
1-always grasp the bribe you receive with both hands, anything less is poor decorum
2- Don’t worry that you are obese and sweaty, the KTV chicks will flock to you, after all, they are hookers. To decline a KTV invite deprives your Chinese host of coping a feel or getting a n.t
3-China does own taiwan and Tibet was peacefully emancipated from itself under the guidance of Mao
4-No china is not really communist, and those guys rotting in jail for democracy were the real problem
5-that lawyer you just spoke to knows less about the law than you do, consult a wiki instead
6-chinese women office workers expect you to ogle and touch them, its what they are paid for
7-sure they can do it more cheaply, after all, they have 1.34 billion people to enslave and work 28 days per month for 12 hours per day
8-yes he dies his hair, just like all the other members of the communust party
9-yes she is ugly just like all the other members of the communist party
10-scream, stomp and berate all of the coolies you see on the shop floor, anything else leads them to believe you condone their slack behavior
11-when your pint-sized host take you to a massage or ktv, and he will, the term single shot means you only ‘get off’ once then the lady leaves…..
In China always expect the unexpected and no, that guy who owns that huge Chinese business never attended uni…
And yes this Chines guy digging in his nose used to  be the leader of communist China


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China Behind IMF Attacks, But The Good News Is…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

All the news sources are reporting that China or at least machines in China were responsible for hacking into the IMF database a while back. This really sucks for China, I mean how can they continue their peaceful rise if we all know what kind of people they really are. Now that it’s been proven that China was behind this, what can they do.
But never fear for they have a new secret weapon…. that’s right. For the first time ever, someone from China has been allowed to compromise,,, i mean to be the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, so from now on China can relax. Maybe Mr. Zhu Min can just email them copies of all they need, but of course I am kidding as I am sure someone from China would never do a thing like that….

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High Speed Rail in China Derails, Killing at Least 35

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

China has developed rapidly, maybe too much so. Their high speed rails or HSR’s were supposed to define them but look what has happened.
A new high speed train has derailed killing at least 32. The word is that one train stalled after being struck by lightning and then another rear ended it. I would think that they would not allow tail gating for such massive hunks of steel.
One report here (mylaowai.com), and the chinese source and the Times…

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Chinese Beauty Queens on Parade- China Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

I come from God’s country or Iowa as its known to the masses. In Iowa, aside from drinking shine and slapping leather at the nearest watering hole, they take time to do other things. And when they are done with those other things, they do more and so on and so on. But one of the things they love to do is to have parades. It gives them time to forget about just how boring it is to watch corn grow.
In all honesty, I think parades rock for when else can those freaking shriners drive around in those creepy little cars and those odd ball grins and not be thrown in a home for ‘special’ people.
Aside from them, parades are cool and I have fun. The other day while enduring a drive through the Beijing NoX filed air, I spied a few ‘mei neu’ or Chinese beauties being jetted around the glutted streets of Beijing for all to see. Quick with a camera, your humble author and servant got off a shot of these future starlets and uploaded it so you could get a look at all that China has to offer….
Chinese beauty queens on parade- Chinese women photo

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Baby Head Under Her Arm? Sexy Chinese Women

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

Your humble author, aside from being a drop dead gorgeous blobs of flesh is also a caring and observant individual. To prove these points, I submit the following.
The other day while enduring a tortuous ride with thousands of the most miserable hunks of humanity on the disaster in waiting called a subway, I had resigned myself to sit in anonymity and not look around nor to think ill of my fellow canary skinned brethren.

But try as I may, pangu the prince of pain and china had other plans for me. For after I had managed to sit down with only a modicum of disdain for those who surrounded me,  I was treated to this…..

PHoto of Chinese lady with underarm hair

This ‘Chinese beauty’  is growing the amazon beneath her armpits. As your humble author sat in horror, she exposed this full patch of the most delectable hunk of female bush spewing from her underarms. After dodging from the dandruff flakes, I looked up and initially though she had concealed a baby under her arms, but this was not the case. The woman, probably in order to save a penny, had decided to go au natural and leave her pits get hairy.

So, being a gentleman I said nothing but merely have blogged the incident here. Chinese, I may say, define couth and hygiene differently. As of yet I have not found how exactly how they define it, but I am  sure they do. To me this lady and the nasty growth beneath her arms is just another reason to say

WTF in China.

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China Outsourcing Illegal Nurses

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

China is like a champagne bottle that has exploded. With the doors flung open, Chinese now stampede forth like deranged bulls to be ABC, anywhere but China. One of the problems is that in Hong Kong, they feel overrun, or so it has been said. For instance, Chinese women flock to have their little disappointments in Hong Kong due to more favorable visa status. Chinese also want to live in Hong Kong, for who does not want to live in a  civil society.

Now, however, China is not only exporting prison labor, and undocumented workers abroad, but also sending their nurses to HK. The reason, as seen in the blurb below may be money. But come on, have any of you guys been to a real Chinese hospital and seen the ‘quality’ of their work? I am not talkinb about a place in BJ or SH, but a real Chinese hospitcal which caters to the vodoo believing set. WTF would trust their kid with a nurse from the Chinese mainland?

from here

Hong Kong authorities regularly remind people of the maximum fine of HK$350,000 on employers plus imprisonment of up to two months for illegally employing maternity nurses. Still, the demand for illegal nurses from mainland China remains strong, mainly a response to the much less expensive relative cost, according to reports from Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po newspaper.

Licensed maternity nurses with formal training, mostly native to Hong Kong, charge about 35,000 yuan (US$5,420) per month for eight-hour daily service. Monthly fees can reach up to 60,000 yuan (US$9,300) for 24-hour service. Their black market counterparts from China normally ask a mere 7,000 yuan (US$1,080), just one-seventh the monthly cost of hiring a Hong Kong native.

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