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Baby Head Under Her Arm? Sexy Chinese Women

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

Your humble author, aside from being a drop dead gorgeous blobs of flesh is also a caring and observant individual. To prove these points, I submit the following.
The other day while enduring a tortuous ride with thousands of the most miserable hunks of humanity on the disaster in waiting called a subway, I had resigned myself to sit in anonymity and not look around nor to think ill of my fellow canary skinned brethren.

But try as I may, pangu the prince of pain and china had other plans for me. For after I had managed to sit down with only a modicum of disdain for those who surrounded me,  I was treated to this…..

PHoto of Chinese lady with underarm hair

This ‘Chinese beauty’  is growing the amazon beneath her armpits. As your humble author sat in horror, she exposed this full patch of the most delectable hunk of female bush spewing from her underarms. After dodging from the dandruff flakes, I looked up and initially though she had concealed a baby under her arms, but this was not the case. The woman, probably in order to save a penny, had decided to go au natural and leave her pits get hairy.

So, being a gentleman I said nothing but merely have blogged the incident here. Chinese, I may say, define couth and hygiene differently. As of yet I have not found how exactly how they define it, but I am  sure they do. To me this lady and the nasty growth beneath her arms is just another reason to say

WTF in China.

2 Responses to “Baby Head Under Her Arm? Sexy Chinese Women”

  1. Pudding said

    I wonder if there is a correlation between shaving armpits and money grubbing spoiled women. Hrmmm. I wonder…

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