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Chinese Beauty Queens on Parade- China Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

I come from God’s country or Iowa as its known to the masses. In Iowa, aside from drinking shine and slapping leather at the nearest watering hole, they take time to do other things. And when they are done with those other things, they do more and so on and so on. But one of the things they love to do is to have parades. It gives them time to forget about just how boring it is to watch corn grow.
In all honesty, I think parades rock for when else can those freaking shriners drive around in those creepy little cars and those odd ball grins and not be thrown in a home for ‘special’ people.
Aside from them, parades are cool and I have fun. The other day while enduring a drive through the Beijing NoX filed air, I spied a few ‘mei neu’ or Chinese beauties being jetted around the glutted streets of Beijing for all to see. Quick with a camera, your humble author and servant got off a shot of these future starlets and uploaded it so you could get a look at all that China has to offer….
Chinese beauty queens on parade- Chinese women photo

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