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Horrible Train Wreck in China, Chinese Red Army to the Rescue!- Dramatic Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2011

An we’re supposed to be afraid of these clowns?
China had a horrible accident, or an accident waiting to happen, depending on your point of view. Allegations of why this accident occurred were shakier than a chicoms legs after a bottle of er gua to (alcohol). But the powerful chicom spin machine quickly blamed a few guys and touted their work in freeing the passengers from this horrific disaster.
I guess the chicom newsies missed this pic that I found on mop.com- here from the accident site. Surprisingly enough those well disciplined Chinese regulars seem to be underwhelmed with the death and chaos and have found time to consult their inner eyelids for comfort. Use Chrome to translate the page and read the comments to see that even the future disappointments (one child patsies) thought this was an outrage.
Some may say “well maybe they needed a rest” and I w waiting could then attempt to beat you over the head with your protective helmt and say ‘no dumbass, at times like this one does not rest, if one has a soul that is…’

11 Responses to “Horrible Train Wreck in China, Chinese Red Army to the Rescue!- Dramatic Photo”

  1. gowron said

    any casualties for my statistics?

    • wtdevflnt said

      Did we count the lost children due to slavery? I need to get this info…

      • gowron said

        I feel like a yucky grim reaper asking about the death toll during accidents. Like an Adams Family or something macabe weird.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Hey King, but its all in the context. You put a lot of work into that one piece and wanted to keep the party honest. I just see it as a way of contributing. The problem is that the government here keeps us all guessing as to the real amounts which makes us all wonder. I will have some good data for you when I read the Hungry Ghosts which I just bought! HOw is life in HK?

  2. gowron said

    Well finally the supplier or the guy I’m looking for returned to China on a semi permenant basis, and I’m look up stuff for him, inadvertedly while looking up prefrab homes for barracks for his mining boses in South Africa, I found out that these companies build homes like nice homes for aroune 35 G, Now fearful of potential lawsuits, mutated children, and bad juju, I recind from wanting to export this stuff to Canada (and found out that there are safe companies in Canada or the States that do this for relatively the same price, so I wonder why in the hell would anybody want to export houses, and capital goods (machinery), from China to their homes, when it’s 6000 for a Trawler boat container, plus what ever savings. This makes as much sense as driving across town just to save on a few cents. Plus the Law suits when the floor caves in, but if it’s what the customer wants it’s what the customer wants. I guess saving 1000 and they’re selling for a high price is good. But yea I’m glad that I can fill in some of the nieche. If I hadn’t a conscience I’d be all over this, but damn conscience, damn awareness of the bad heebee jeebees associated with graft. oh well, I can still pay for school with what ever I make here, and maybe afford a SAFE prefrab home.

    Like what you do, is go deeeeeeeep into the backwoods of China for the super super super super great deals, but not to far from a port. I’d suggest Beihai, because Guangxi is starving for capital, but not much of a selection in Beihai. Shanghai is too stuck up, Beijing well since you live there you can export there. So yea I’m an Ali baba-baba. Wish I didn’t have a soul, and despite my anger here, I actually DO care. Like I just want my people to evolve you know, Like I was picked on ALOT in my life due to my physical weirdness, such as hunched weak back (needed a brace), just being their block’s weirdo, just being strange, with Autism, and ect ect ect, and I got over it, why can’t the Chinese, so what if people invade, they’re genuinely sorry the perps are in hell, and what’s more, what about when China invades right? I just want my people just to grow the hell up. Not live in a pigsty and then blame Whitey or the Japanese for all their problems.

  3. gowron said

    But I’m curious what is your business up there in Beijing?

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