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Dude, Who Stole the CCTV Building- Beijing Smog Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

China’s air is thicker than the musky stench of line 1 filled with locals wearing those long-billed hats as they stomp off to visit the grand old Chairman himself at T square. At times its a chore just to breathe in this place. But dont take my word for it, just take a gander at these pics. The photos were taken over the past three weeks where uncle c allowed us one or two blue sky days, sandwiched between billows of NoX and other toxins that no doubt have my alveoli rebelling and or giving up the goat. As you can see, the acclaimed xiao kudze or CCTV building is almost hidden from view.
In both photos I am a little more than a quarter mile from the CCTV building but in the pic called ‘find’ the building is barely visible. The other photo, taken from a slightly different angle, was taken a few days prior. (Both photos were taken from the same street and distance to the building, but the smoggy one I zoomed in a little.)

In her attempt to beceome the ‘ist in every aspect, China has excelled in being the polluted’ist, filthy’ist and hurt my lungs’ist.
These photos are nothing less than an attempt by your humble author to introduce you to the realities of living in China……
Wo ai Zhong guo

ps if you cant spot the CCTV tower, it’s almost dead center.

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Aquino to China- “Back Off Bitches!”- Spratly Island Spat

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

The Philippines are upset with China, well most of the people in the West Philippine (aka s. China sea) are upset. They feel that the Chinese are bullying them and taking advantage of their sheer numbers. They feel that it was probably better to have the huddled masses of Chinese beating each other with little red books while chanting that Mao is their father- or maybe its just me.
In any event, the Filipinos or at least their leader has said that he will defend the Spratly Isls and China needs to take heed or they’ll be fishing a tomahawk missile from their collective sphincters…
(photo from firequinto.com)

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Typical China- Burying Evidence from Fatal Train Wreck

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

China’s high speed rail which was their coming out of sorts, had a horrible accident killing at least 43 people and injuring more than 200. The chinese have investigated the crash, but as usual their explanations range from bizarre to absurd. Maybe one of most ridiculous things they have said come from the NYT here. The Chinese have said that “…critics to say that the wreckage needed to be carefully examined for causes of the malfunction. The Railway Ministry said the trains contained valuable “national level” technology that could be stolen and thus must be buried — even though foreign companies have long complained that the technology was actually stolen from their trains.”
National level technology? WTF
Like some foreigners want to find and steal the tech that took the life of so many?? Where else but China does one here this stuff..
NYT piece here http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/25/world/asia/25train.html?_r=1&ref=world%20)
Link came from comments on this site..

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Truer Words?- Impact of the Cultural Revolution on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

-K. S. Karol


“Tomorrow’s China is not going to return to the fold of the
great family of nations who accept “Western values”. On the contrary:
the further the cultural revolution develops. the more China will consolidate
her own value system. Those who do not try to understand it
today will understand it even less tomorrow.”

. If you read the words of the author they seem to agree with the precepts of the cultural revolution as somewhat valiant (I have only started so may be wrong, but thus far it seems true).

The funny thing is that now 43 years after this peace was written, we may be seeing those effects of the cultural revolution, possibly one of the most horrific events of modern times. For those ill-informed people who are unaware of this event, it ran from 1966-76 and is generally accepted as a last ditch effort by Mao to retain power.
Although the event was horrible and no one I know of in China will utter a positive word of it, it would appear that Mao was on the right track but went about it all wrong. What I mean to say is that Mao supposedly said that absent a major change like the cultural revolution the government of china would turn like that of Russia and become close-minded, corrupt and pathetic…yeah look at China today , Mao knew his people.
But the reality of the cultural revolution is nothing less than the traumatizing of several generations of Chinese who literally turned against neighbors, family and friend. Teachers an the educated were slaughtered and tortured all because they did not love Mao in a convincing fashion. A good friend of mine’s father was taken to a field and made to kneel down in front of a firing squad all because he had written some things in disagreement with Mao, the guy was 16 at the time. The firing squad killed those around him but let him live and he still does not know why. If we think of this story and then re-read what KS Karol said
“…the further the cultural revolution develops. the more China will consolidate
her own value system…”
We can see what kind of country China has become.

ps. interestingly enough when I google ‘red guard china torture’ in the image search I got 867,000 results but in Yahoo images I got 0, I wonder why this is….(photo from here censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com)

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Overloaded Bus Catches Fire in China- Kills 41

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

This story seems eerily similar to those that occurred before the Olympics. I seem to recall a spate of random buses catching fire and killing the innocents aboard. In this bus blaze, 41 of the 47 passengers died, but the details are sketchy. According to one of the communist party mouthpieces, a passenger in the rear started the blaze and it spread so quickly those inside had no time to react.
Although not a fireman, your humble author did his time as a grunt and I can say from experience, it takes more than a second or two for a large flame to develop. Thus, what kind of fire spreads almost instantaneous and with enough energy to wipe out an entire bus? The chicom sources hint that the bus being overloaded may have something to do with it as the vehicle was only designed to carry 35 and not 47. I, however, remain skeptical.
(photo from the Internet)

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Pole Dancing in China? Mao Would be Upset…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

When I first saw this pic I was like ‘hot’, then I wondered how to fit it into the ol’ bloggo. Then I thought ‘ who am I kidding’ this pic is nothing more than a cheap attempt at eye candy and does little more than objectify women in the eyes of men’.
And then I glanced at it again and said, ‘hot’….
So here is nothing more than a glimpse of some Chinese lady dangling from a pole in ‘hooker boots’. I have nothing more to add…. oh yeah I do here is a link to the site (mop.com) where you can find more pics
for the perverts click here to see more….

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Interesting Post About the US from Loadingdata.nl- Terrorists to Bring Down the USA?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

Here is an interesting perspective on America and flaws within her system…(I also recommend checking this link if you dislike GW Bush and what he allegedly did to our economy)

Excerpt from


h! The show has started again, as usual just two weeks before the dead line. In pol i tics it’s com mon to delay impor tant deci sions to the very last moment, so there is barely time for dis cus sion or alter na tives (what are those peo ple doing any way?)

Filibustered talking to the (sleeping) US SenateThe rhetoric of “avoid ing an unprece dented default”, “col lapse of the econ omy” and I expect very soon “vul ner a ble to ter ror ism” has already started, and even tu ally the dept seal ing will be increased, as per usual. Expect Pres i dent Obama say ing some thing along the lines of “If we don’t raise the debt ceil ing now, we won’t be able to sup port our troops who are fight ing to keep our glo ri ous coun try free of ter ror ists. Once that hap pens, noth ing will stop Al Qaeda from launch ing another attack on our soil. Is this really want you want?”

Continue reading here

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China Fact- Corruption and Construction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

Construction in China is a good way to make money. Not due to the fact that the toils of your tedious labor will bear fruit through a paycheck, but through making money the chinese way- hong baos. According to muzzled tellers of untruths aka chinese news sources, the Jiangzhao Expressway in Foshan City, was called the highway that lead to the greatest number of officials involved in bribery. No less than thirty uncle reds allegedly took bribes during its construction. I guess its no wonder why Chinese structures have a ‘peeled banana half-life’….

image from here countercorruptionnetwork.com

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