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Dude, Who Stole the CCTV Building- Beijing Smog Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

China’s air is thicker than the musky stench of line 1 filled with locals wearing those long-billed hats as they stomp off to visit the grand old Chairman himself at T square. At times its a chore just to breathe in this place. But dont take my word for it, just take a gander at these pics. The photos were taken over the past three weeks where uncle c allowed us one or two blue sky days, sandwiched between billows of NoX and other toxins that no doubt have my alveoli rebelling and or giving up the goat. As you can see, the acclaimed xiao kudze or CCTV building is almost hidden from view.
In both photos I am a little more than a quarter mile from the CCTV building but in the pic called ‘find’ the building is barely visible. The other photo, taken from a slightly different angle, was taken a few days prior. (Both photos were taken from the same street and distance to the building, but the smoggy one I zoomed in a little.)

In her attempt to beceome the ‘ist in every aspect, China has excelled in being the polluted’ist, filthy’ist and hurt my lungs’ist.
These photos are nothing less than an attempt by your humble author to introduce you to the realities of living in China……
Wo ai Zhong guo

ps if you cant spot the CCTV tower, it’s almost dead center.

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