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Overloaded Bus Catches Fire in China- Kills 41

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2011

This story seems eerily similar to those that occurred before the Olympics. I seem to recall a spate of random buses catching fire and killing the innocents aboard. In this bus blaze, 41 of the 47 passengers died, but the details are sketchy. According to one of the communist party mouthpieces, a passenger in the rear started the blaze and it spread so quickly those inside had no time to react.
Although not a fireman, your humble author did his time as a grunt and I can say from experience, it takes more than a second or two for a large flame to develop. Thus, what kind of fire spreads almost instantaneous and with enough energy to wipe out an entire bus? The chicom sources hint that the bus being overloaded may have something to do with it as the vehicle was only designed to carry 35 and not 47. I, however, remain skeptical.
(photo from the Internet)

2 Responses to “Overloaded Bus Catches Fire in China- Kills 41”

  1. gowron said

    47 more to add to my list Can’t these M.F. pig faced fuckers just LEAVE the country already?

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