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All Aboarrrrdddd! – China’s Toxic Train Stalls Again-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

China’s not so ‘high speed rail’ with its ‘not so good safety record’, suffered from another little hiccup yesterday. While the locals can breathe easier that this time the poor chinese quality did not lead to deaths, it only lead to rail stoppages.
Once again a ‘power failure’ delayed more than twenty ‘hazardous rail engines’ from continuing their sojourn on the Beijing to Shanghai line. My question is just how much worse can things get for this place?
Story from here
photo from www.ministryof tofu.com

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Comment on Chinese Quality

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

Here is a comment from Brewskie (sorry brew, GFW I can’t access my dashboard and approve comments yet). He says that this post, which is good thus I cannot access it from China, is pretty good. He was replying to one of my articles on crappy Chinese construction. Maybe someone can tell me what the post says ( I have no pxy now)
from Brewskie
I think this is an old communist-era building from the 1970s. That said, a lot of China’s new infrastructure seems poorly built, and Westerners living there seem alarmed how quickly things can fall apart. Here’s a good one that elaborates the example:


Another from the B-man
“…On a side note, I’ve been predicting (like some other bears) that China’s economy is overheating, and is heading for a crisis. I predicted America’s crisis back in ’04, along with chronically high unemployment and feeble growth that would persist long after; my guess is that China will hit crisis within 2-3 years.”

(photo from www.topchinablog.com)

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Dumbasses Who Wanted to Buy China’s High Speed Death

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

Being bored I searched to see which of the dumbasses in the USA now feel like the biggest idiots in the world. Of course I am referingcing nothing less than all of those bald headed morons who after a quickie at a local KTV signed a MOU or agreement to pursue talks with China for their High Speed Death or train projects. I would like to compile a list of all the fukwads worldwide who would do such an idiotic thing but a little lazy so will just post this

Here are the idiots running our transport today:
from here
“The Chinese government has signed cooperation agreements with the State of California and General Electric to help build such lines. … show China’s desire to become a big exporter and licensor of bullet trains traveling 215 miles an hour, an environmentally friendly technology in which China has raced past the United States in the last few years.

“We are the most advanced in many fields, and we are willing to share with the United States,” Zheng Jian, the chief planner and director of high-speed rail at China’s railway ministry, said….Gov. of California has closely followed progress in the discussions with China and hopes to come here later this year for talks with rail ministry officials..


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Off Topic, America’s Great Leap- Illegals Allowed to Pay In-state Tuition

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

This is nothing less than an example of how great America is.Los Angeles (CNN) — A law signed by California’s governor Monday specifies that undocumented immigrant students in the state can be eligible for cheaper in-state tuition rates.” (from here) As Cali is rolling in the dough, why not allow illegals to not only attend uni, and to not pay that higher rate for international students, and not even that of out of state residents, but allow them to pay the in-state fare. I can see the beauty of this move……

Oh yeah, Chicoms will now be snooping on our ‘net connections in Chinese wi-fi spots as well
“BEIJING — New regulations that require bars, restaurants, hotels and bookstores to install costly Web monitoring software are prompting many businesses to cut Internet access and sending a chill through the capital’s game-playing, Web-grazing literati who have come to expect free Wi-Fi with their lattes and green tea. (here)

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Chinese Guy Selling Stuff

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

You see these guys all over. They park this rickety old carts at the bottom of the stairs so you literally bump into them while you try to descend. It’s called ‘marketing with chinese characteristics’. The guys are nice enough but have the scent of the french foreign legion after battle. Aside from that they are good enough people who don’t mind selling one some toxic foodstuffs.

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Men Who Buy Sex Supposedly Commit More Crimes- Even in China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

A recent report by the Chinadaily here said that it has been reported that “Men who pay for sex are more likely than non-buyers to commit a variety of offenses”. I for one would like to condemn such tomfoolery painted as research. What they are purporting to say is that a man who pays for sex with a woman will commit more crimes than the average man. (procuring women for prostitution in China and whether membership in the Chinese Communist Party could provide immunity from prosecution). This is like saying that just because a man purchases some ‘peasant poon’, he is a bad egg, a man who cannot be trusted (“terrific guanxi” with Communist officials, and cited a thriving partnership in cross-border prostitution.). After all, is this survey really legitimate?Or one of these online polls filled out by some whacked out future unibombers?

And what about the implications of this research? (These new Rules provide that Chinese Communist Party members who have visited or worked as prostitutes, or who have forced or helped others) Do the authors of the report mean to say that just because a man wants a little ‘five knuckle love’ that he will committ other and more horendous crimes? (Sex Diary Exposes Government Official’s Debauchery– Chinasmack) . I fail to see the correlation between an official copping some ktv cooze and him commiting other more aggregious offenses. (China: Underage prostitution ring sparks public indignation The ring involved several government officials and teachers as its customers)

After all, what is the harm in this offense? (forced into prostitution…. The amount and degree of complicity by government officials in ). For instance, how can a man who is a man resist? The brothels surround us, it’s as if they are begging, nay forcing us to enter. (Prostitution flourished in 14th-century China as wealthy Ming Dynasty officialsvisited mistresses, kept concubines, registered brothels) Guys you know what i’m talking about. Those girls in tight shorts and or stuff that looks like hand-me-downs from their grannies, sitting there cross-legged chewing that bird seed or knitting, why what man could stop himself?(Many said they were impressed by the wealth and power of their clients, mainly local businessmen and officials, who took them to luxurious hotels and gave them relatively large sums of money – paying even more if the girls were virgins.)

At the end of the day we have to question the assertion that if a man buys sex, he will commit more crimes!
(“Vietnamese government officials biggest customers for prostitutes,” Deutsche Press-Agentur, 2 March 1998)

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WTF Does This Chinawoman Have on Her Head?- Chinese Fashion Pics

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

When I saw this lady I had to give chase, kinda like spotting some rare insect or something. Chinese seem to have that inner-city Houston sense of leaving the house with their hair up in curlers and relaxer all the while stuffing it into a shower cap. This lady of considerable style and class seems to be wearing a , well I’m not quite sure of what it is that someone has plunked on her thick skull.
One thing is for sure, and that is being a woman from china, her head-ware is round. Incidentally all Chinese head-ware only comes in two forms, and no I am not talking about cheap and ugly. I mean it comes in long billed hats that dwarf their immense pates or these round models that accentuate a globe like puss marvelously.
I could not help but wonder what the thing that dressed this woman had in mind when it shoved this on her head before kicking her out for the day. To me it’s like those moronic t’s or hats your mom bought you where you were five and you felt so cool, that is until you turned nine and gandering at your old photos then started to build resentment at mommy dearest as you realized her to be a sadist.
As for the old bird, I give her a few style points for the old bird wore the thing with pride.

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Porta- Potty- Who Says the Chinese Cannot Innovate

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

Who says the Chinese cannot innovate? From this picture we see an example of just how lazy/crafty they really are. This Chinese ‘tiger mom’ is claiming her place in the sun as she sits her tubby posterior in the middle of the sidewalk and then allows her future heartbreak to urinate.. in the middle of the sidewalk.

I admire her spunk, I mean, who wants to waste their time using the proper facilities? Why take the little kid ten steps to her front or rear and use the toilet at a restaurant? After all, in order to do such a thing, this tiger mom may have to invest a few pennies in a soft drink. Much better for her daughter to expel her fluids in the middle of the sidewalk so we can all traipse through it, don’t you think?

In all honesty, it’s not just this woman, but oh so many of my friends in the land of the invisible sun. To them nothing can is as good a fit as a steaming public shit with a liquid encore.

And maybe the saddest part is that as this lady sat perched on that stool Directly behind the wal-mart at Wanda, no one even batted an eye.

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Chinese History- Cultural Revolution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

I have been doing a butt-load of reading lately and so I got bored. When bored I look for things to amuse myself like berating the ‘capos’ of the center kingdom or chuckling at the locals as they attempt to master the art of subway entry and escalator usage, or merely maintaining their balance on moving vehicles. While not a mean person at heart, it’s just one of my many idiosyncrasies. Deciding that I’d had enough of watching their folly, I then took to the ‘net for a little ha-ha. After punching a couple of keys I wound up here. The reason I find this piece interesting, aside from its stylistic eloquence, is that its factually accurate and a good way for the relatively ill-informed to learn about the recent history of China. I’ve pasted an excerpt below, but visit his site for the full monty, as it were. It’s a good read and informative as well.

excerpt from here:
The Cultural Revolution, which never actually happened at all, ever, not even a little bit, we don’t know what you’re talking about, nothing to see here, doesn’t actually begin. The Central People’s Broadcasting Station doesn’t set up over seventy million hate-propaganda speakers all over the country, on every street and in every neighbourhood, and the non-existent Cultural Revolution Group doesn’t issue a statement saying:

“Chairman Mao is a genius, everything the Chairman says is truly great; one of the Chairman’s words will override the meaning of tens of thousands of ours.”

Tens of millions of young people are not there at the time. They are probably away visiting their aunts in the country or something. Millions of students don’t form gangs to torture and kill their teachers and professors, nurses and medical students don’t drown doctors in toilet effluent, not one single young person denounces his or her parents for any reason at all. Liu Shaoqi’s death is an unfortunate case of accidentally torturing himself to death and then cremating himself afterwards. Nearly three million people are certainly not brutally murdered by anyone at all, especially by the young people who are probably in the countryside visiting their aunts or something. And that’s all as it should be, particularly since those same young people would be in their late forties and early-to-late fifties today, and therefore running most of the companies and institutions in the country.”

Full post of China’s recent history here

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