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Chinese History- Cultural Revolution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2011

I have been doing a butt-load of reading lately and so I got bored. When bored I look for things to amuse myself like berating the ‘capos’ of the center kingdom or chuckling at the locals as they attempt to master the art of subway entry and escalator usage, or merely maintaining their balance on moving vehicles. While not a mean person at heart, it’s just one of my many idiosyncrasies. Deciding that I’d had enough of watching their folly, I then took to the ‘net for a little ha-ha. After punching a couple of keys I wound up here. The reason I find this piece interesting, aside from its stylistic eloquence, is that its factually accurate and a good way for the relatively ill-informed to learn about the recent history of China. I’ve pasted an excerpt below, but visit his site for the full monty, as it were. It’s a good read and informative as well.

excerpt from here:
The Cultural Revolution, which never actually happened at all, ever, not even a little bit, we don’t know what you’re talking about, nothing to see here, doesn’t actually begin. The Central People’s Broadcasting Station doesn’t set up over seventy million hate-propaganda speakers all over the country, on every street and in every neighbourhood, and the non-existent Cultural Revolution Group doesn’t issue a statement saying:

“Chairman Mao is a genius, everything the Chairman says is truly great; one of the Chairman’s words will override the meaning of tens of thousands of ours.”

Tens of millions of young people are not there at the time. They are probably away visiting their aunts in the country or something. Millions of students don’t form gangs to torture and kill their teachers and professors, nurses and medical students don’t drown doctors in toilet effluent, not one single young person denounces his or her parents for any reason at all. Liu Shaoqi’s death is an unfortunate case of accidentally torturing himself to death and then cremating himself afterwards. Nearly three million people are certainly not brutally murdered by anyone at all, especially by the young people who are probably in the countryside visiting their aunts or something. And that’s all as it should be, particularly since those same young people would be in their late forties and early-to-late fifties today, and therefore running most of the companies and institutions in the country.”

Full post of China’s recent history here

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