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The Superiority or Reality of Chinese Tiger Moms- Selling Kids For Video Money

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

China has its tiger mother and assorted Junior tiger moms who after off-loading their progeny to aunts, uncles and cousins, then faithfully send cash to support this kid while he learns math, English and how to plagiarize from the Chinese masters of the art. The result of this is a breed of one child waste of resources and time who while being doted on hand and foot see that they owe their parents little less than a knife to the sternum.
Then there are the new breed of spoiled chicoms like the speed skaters who when they are not whizzing around the track are punching each other and their coach in the face. I guess we should not judge all of China by the 40 million one child kids, though, or should we?
But then again maybe its not them but their folks, as alluded to earlier. Who wants to be the kid of a man and woman from whom the word ‘love’ is an aberration. A little tyke shuffled off in the care of wobbly 60-80 year old chinese who learned etiquette and civility during the great leap forward and or cultural revolution. Maybe the kids have a right to be sour, after all, it is these parents and grandparents that this problematic one-twit policy kids will one day be supporting- all hail China’s communistic/non-communistic retirement plan.
Further evidence of shitty parenting comes from this article. Two Chinese tiger parents, espousing the qualities we have all come to expect from the Chinese, have sold not one, not two but three kids so they could spend the day at the local video arcade. Yeah I guess if I had p’s like that I’d resent the hell out of them too. But anyway, one of the most telling things about the story of the parents who peddled their future disappointments was that after being caught they claimed that they saw nothing wrong with having kids merely to sell them. And after living in China, I truly believe they did see nothing worn with this….

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Chinese Aircraft Carrier Carries Vessels But Not Threats- Hmmmmm

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

I saw this headline and found it a bit interesting “Chinese Aircraft Carrier Carries Vessels But Not Threats”.

Apparently uncle C in an effort to calm those in the west Philippine Sea (aka s. china sea) and TW. According to Uncle C, the new old aircraft carrier that they are about to float carries planes and sure those planes can carry nukes and sure those nukes can bring death from above and sure this old tub that the chicoms bought now means that they can move a little farther into the ocean with this big floating hunk of death, but of course it is all part of China’s peaceful rise.
Fear not friends and neighbors, once again its nothing more than a little misunderstanding, they come in peace. …..
photo from ww2db.com

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Thousands Protest in Guizhou, China Over Allege Beating of One-Legged Street Vendor

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

Guizhou China is one of its most poverty stricken provinces. The place has many minorities leading it to get little to no respect from the locals. Although it’s a beautiful place, it still has to contend with the majority and those pesky police.
Thus, a riot broke out when those pesky alleged thugs who are sworn to uphold no laws but are nonetheless called peace officers in peaceful China. According to the locals, these vicars of all that is decent beat a one-legged street merchant to a pulp for doing nothing more than selling fruit. Maybe the ‘peace officers’ would contend that the poor man had been in violation of the law and needed to be punished, just like all of those other wrong does who get punished for graft, IPR violations etc.
In any event, these city peace officers allegedly attacked the guy and then a riot ensued whereby the locals descended upon a governmental car upsetting it. In no time there were thousand of angry locals seeking revenge but uncle c sent in the water canons just to let them know who is in charge and after yelling ‘suck on this!’ he kept them at bay till the local head red took command of the scene. Do not worry, an investigation is being conducted…
(photo from welt.de)

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18 Chinese Cities or Provinces Raise Minimum Wage- Tons of Chinese Can Now Afford Gum

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

The inflation here is crippling the people and causing unrest so uncle Chicom is telling people to raise wages. Many provinces raised wages as much as 15%. The highest monthly income is 1320 RMB in Shenzhen (U$204 civilized money) and the highest hourly wage is Beijing with 13 kuai or about 2 civilized dollars.
In all honesty no one obeys the rules and still pay the coolies from 800 to 1000 per month.

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Solution to China’s High Speed Rail Problems

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

China had a ‘train oopsie’ or an event that took the lives of about 40 people. Some might blame corruption, arrogance, ignorance, stealing and copying a technology they cannot comprehend- allegedly, deceit, fraud, lack of experience, lack of innovation gene, lack of sanitary habits, lack of culture of safety, and a few others. But maybe it all just boils down to one thing. the people from this place do not build quality stuff. Sure they can mix up a killer plate of kung pao chicken and some baozi, but what about building stuff that weighs a lot and goes very fast?
Maybe that is where they should draw the line. China is much like the special boy called timmy who had to wear the helmet and heavy boots to school, China should be relegated to building things like ashtrays, cup holders and chair legs.
Maybe as a people we could hint to the slow minded dragon that some things don’t go together- like open matches and gas ovens, drinking & driving and China and technology.
After all China, what’s the hurry? Why not use the ‘not so fast’ form of transport that served you so well for thousands of years? .(photo from wwwcomm.murdoch.com.au)

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photo of Chinese Entering Subway Terminal

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

In China you cannot avoid people. They are everywhere, in the subways on the streets, tumbling down stairs, shoving limbs into elevator doors, and of course on the streets. The impact is that if one want to take a pic of anything but people they must point the camera straight up or straight down or give up. In this case, I actually wanted to get a shot of the sweaty masses to share with all of you…

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Real Reason for China’s Hgh Speed Rail Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2011

My Chinese is rusty but I believe this photo says its from “Meeting of special instructions for China’s High Speed Rail so Pay Strict Attention….”

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