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Foreign Leaders and Sneakers- China’s Wen Jia Bao

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2011

Today I browsed the Chinadaily and saw an article about China’s premier honoring the dead from the most recent wreck. One of the things I noticed was his sneakers, for some reason I thought it didn’t really go well with his dress pants and shirt.
Then I was surfing mop.com and saw that they have an entire page devoted to the shoes that the little man wears to such disasters. I’m unclear as to whether its the same pair, but those shoes sure have a lot of miles on them…

full article here

2 Responses to “Foreign Leaders and Sneakers- China’s Wen Jia Bao”

  1. gowron said

    Oh it’s a ploy, Mao dressed like a bum in the Mao shirt, to “keep it real” with the people as did Deng in his pictures where he’s turning sod and what not.

    There’s just something wacky about a suit who is hammering the last spike, dressed in a top hat, while the workers toiled in their own Wastes (sweat blood, mud, ripped clothes, tears ect). When I joined the LDS church, there was just something very yiillllllll about the ex president Hinckley, a guy who studied PR and business and once ran many of the church’s corporations. When he does the sod turning ceremony, in a suit, while the rest of us Lower mormons who are feeing the church with our Tithes, that really hurt to pay, (common LDS rebuttal when faced with a young family of MANY children, and a young return missionary STILL going to school because he donated two years of his life (a tithe in years :_( for a mission already costing him 60G, (where food, rent, living costs was paid by him); we lower Mormons although living in America or Canada or the West is infinite times better than living in Shitland. (China), still feel the pinch. (belive me if you’re crapping in a toliet and can bath where you dont’ crap (those crazy apartments-hotels that have you know), and you live in a place some old Granna doesn’t blow her nose in the air and it lands on your shoes. that’s feeling the pinch). Sigh the first world and their “problems”.

    Anyways, It was very yucky to see hinckley in his business suit tell us that we had to give more to the church, (which we did), and turn the sod to the temples, which are used slightly more than the Ghost cities in China. Excpet in the case of Mormonism, they know when to close down “unprofitable temples”. The temple was intended to boost morale and attendance, but during these economic troubles, less and less are willing to go to church, and some wards have been hemorraging members, as there’s funny exmormon talk about getting the “Dodge” paper (Greg Dodge, if he’s a real person is in charge of the excommunications or ex mormon (if left voluntarily). With legitimate refugees or expats leaving China, (who arn’t members of the CCP, but honest victims), leaving legally. Perhaps China is experiencing the same problem.

    And speaking of China and Mormonism, the Mormons sent ‘ambassadors of Christ” a program of trying to open China up, (the only things that opened up China Mormon related are Amway, NuSkin (Amway), and Marriot. And China even China turned away substandard medical equpiment from the Mormons (used hospital stuff, BURNNNNN Ownennned).

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