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Beijing Orders all Negative Press of Fatal Wenzhou Rail Crash Stopped- Chinese Censorship

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

In an attempt to follow the word of Chinese leadership who demanded transparncy about the deadly high speed rail crash that killed at least 40, all news organizations must now stop reporting anyting but ‘feels good news’.
Here is the quote from this site:

“All the news organizations and websites shall remove all the stories that concern the train crash from their front pages immediately. No online discussions, reporting or comments are allowed from now on. All the pull-back process must be completed within 30 minutes from now,” the department’s order said. “Only positive stories or the information made public by the authorities can be published or broadcast.”

(image ctv.ca)

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Riot in China’s Xinjiang, 14 People Dead

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

Kashgar is in Xijiang which happens to be in China. It’s a place filled with ethnic minorities who for the most part are Muslims. It’s an area of pain to the Chinese and those who feel it was wrongly taken from its owners still refer to eat as East Turkestan.
Xianjian is a restive place and not so long ago they had a riot in Hotan and just yesterday had one in Kashgar. According to the Chjnese source, who are Han, most likely and not Uiguir or Kazaks, there were 14 people killed. The Han’s who rule the area stated that the ethnic minorities stole a bus and took some hostages, but only after a few blasts were heard off in the distance. In reality we really don’t know what happened as the news from the area is usualy sanitized.

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Child Labor in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

Here is a photo of a 7 year old child working in China. I guess there is a labor shortage so they have to get kids of this age to help them. photo mop.comchild labor in china

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Chinese Enslaved the Africans in the 7th Century

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

I knew that China is re-enslaving Africans, but didn’t know they had done it in the past as well.
excerpt from here:
“Yes, it seems Chinese indeed used black slaves probably from 7th century. See below.

“Beginning in the Tang dynasty, Arab traders brought a number of East African slaves to China. Although historians have studied the African slave trade extensively, particularly the export of West African slaves to the Americas after 1500, a much smaller body of research focuses on the premodern East African slave trade, and fewer sources still mention black slaves in China.

From the eighth to the fourteenth centuries; the Arabs controlled this vast slave trade, which stretched not only along the entire coast of East Africa and throughout the Arab world but as far east as China. Black slaves were just one of many commodities in the Arabs’ large-scale maritime trade with China, which peaked during the Tang and Song dynasty (960-1275).

The Jiu Tang shu 舊唐書 (Former Tang history) mentions that the Arabs sent delegates to the Chinese court in 651, marking the first recorded official contact between the Chinese government and the Arab caliphate. By the ninth century, a sizable community of Arabs lived in Guangzhou, and the local residents could have seen African slaves on trading ships and in Arab homes. Some wealthy Chinese people even owned African slaves, whom they used as doorkeepers.”quote via this link The Magical Kunlun and “Devil Slaves”: Chinese Perceptions of Dark-skinned People and Africa before 1500

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Peaceful China Cajoles Toddlers into Athletes for the Olympics

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

China likes to win medals in the Olympics, it makes people forget how badly this place sucks. In order to win medals, however, there must be rules. Strict rules, and who cares if the toddlers to not understand them, after all, its all about the glory of the motherland.
photos from mop.com here
china tortures child althletesChina abuses athletes

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China Polluting the Yangtze River-Water Pollution in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

These photos from this site show the Chinese doing what they do best. Killing something so they can earn a pennie. This body of water is a tributary of the Yangtze in Wuhan and the Chinese are helping to suck out all that nasty 02 and fill it with essential nutrients like human waste, tin and old computers. This is all part of the peaceful rise of China.
Damn I miss Mao….

china pollutes yangtzechina water pollution

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Europe Tightening Toxic Toy Standards- Chinese Out of Business

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

Chinese toxic toy manufacturers are now feeling the pinch of a European rule banning toxins in toys made for children. The Chinese are complaining it is unfair and will greatly influence exports and drive many toy manufacturers out of business. The Chinese, accustomed to substitute things like lead for metal or anything that although may cause harm, is gleefully packaged into goods sold the world over. The Chinese, who may actually have to live up to civilized standards and thus spend a buck, which to the locals is akin to asking them to spend a buck…… is a great cause for concern.
At issue is the fact that the Europeans would like for their children to have a functioning brain after playing with the latest bout of toxicity exported by China and thus they have put the center kingdom on on notice. The Chinese, for their part, are in a tizzie, after all, what are they supposed to do, compete fairly? They complain that the city of Dongguan who as far as your humble author knows sells more flesh than the combined markets of the world is not enough to keep them afloat. Without the toy manufacturers, they complain, the city will go to hell.
These sorts of complaints are common for the Chinese, who unburdened with a conscious or morals like to blame the world for her own ills. They say that it’s our fault Chinese products are toxic, we ask too much and pay too little.
The banks are nervous for it the workers go, then so will the hookers, and the bai jou and the cigs and local officials may have to bang their wives and we can just guess how shitty that would be.
As for me I waste not an ounce of pity on the ruthless thugs running the gulags that churn out brain damaging toys by the thousand, its about time they learned how to do their jobs.
Article here
(photo from teamteabag.com)

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Artwork from Cainandtoddbenson.com- Uncle Obama

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

This is a cool site

with some great artwork- see the Ai Wei Wei stuff and Easy Riders. But I guess they also sell T-shirts and the like. Check out this page for a look at their stuff, I may order a shirt with the image below.
From here
Art from cainandtoddbenson uncle obama

More clothing here  http://cainandtoddbenson.deco-images.com/home?ma=4

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Chinese Kids- A Summary

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

Post by -imho a great poet- The King


On thing I find strange about this new generation of kids, is that in Asia, especially China. Especially China. It seems as if they’re merging into one body, ie homogeity, androgynous, and quite frightening the shape (oval egg shape, smooth un rough, pointed chins, semetrical eyes), resemble those roswell photos. Most likely this is atributed to plastic surgery yeah that’\s probably it. Like Chinese kids seem to look more semetrical. But alot of poorer but still middle class teenagers seem to be born this way, as they don’t have the means (it be a princling), to afford these operations.

Alot of time they just dye their hair, One common complaint among gamer girls, especially when they play Metal Gear, (where you play as a Snake Pliskin, like mutilated gruff hero, who resembles a 80′s biker), is that the second game you play as a very beautiful but “soft skin”. That in Asia, some concepts of male beauty are very affminate, like some super villians, would have long flowing hair, have this Frou frou voice, and very refined like a supermodel (male) Voguer. And this is seen in the 3 Kingdoms, where the lead hero is this handsome prince and his sidekicks who could definalty kick his ass, are these grunty ogre like bandenna wearing bearded ruffians.”

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