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Chinese Kids- A Summary

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2011

Post by -imho a great poet- The King


On thing I find strange about this new generation of kids, is that in Asia, especially China. Especially China. It seems as if they’re merging into one body, ie homogeity, androgynous, and quite frightening the shape (oval egg shape, smooth un rough, pointed chins, semetrical eyes), resemble those roswell photos. Most likely this is atributed to plastic surgery yeah that’\s probably it. Like Chinese kids seem to look more semetrical. But alot of poorer but still middle class teenagers seem to be born this way, as they don’t have the means (it be a princling), to afford these operations.

Alot of time they just dye their hair, One common complaint among gamer girls, especially when they play Metal Gear, (where you play as a Snake Pliskin, like mutilated gruff hero, who resembles a 80′s biker), is that the second game you play as a very beautiful but “soft skin”. That in Asia, some concepts of male beauty are very affminate, like some super villians, would have long flowing hair, have this Frou frou voice, and very refined like a supermodel (male) Voguer. And this is seen in the 3 Kingdoms, where the lead hero is this handsome prince and his sidekicks who could definalty kick his ass, are these grunty ogre like bandenna wearing bearded ruffians.”

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