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Photo of Chongqing China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

Photo of Chongqing China
Chongqing is a great place with excellent food and people, but the pollution is putrid. It’s too bad to see such wonderful nature spoiled by all that smog.

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How China Wears You Down- Puddingandchopsticks.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

Great post by puddingandchopsticks.com The site is great and has some very good pics, and the author really captures how China can take the wind out of your sails…

from here

“Living in a different culture can be a massive frustration. Mostly I think it’s China. I suppose if I moved to London the culture would be different but I don’t think that I would be as frustrated as I am now.

It wears you down. Like for instance at work.

You roll in, it’s your first day and you are all stoked to get going. You get tons of idea to make the company better. Your fired up, etc.

A few months down the road you realize that no one cares about your ideas, they will not pay you any more because of them. The ideas that they did like and implemented no one follows through on. No one directly makes any more money because of your idea, so no one does it nor cares.

What do you start to do? You start acting like you are Chinese. You start not to care about work…

Read more here (also read ‘A Day in the life’


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China’s Toxic Stocks- Buyers Beware

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

I know nothing about stocks, but I live in China. After seeing how they live, act and absence of morals, one might think they are actually good at business, perhaps too good. That may be why so many Chinese stocks are in such a disarray this year.
I just read a great article called ‘Crouching Fraud, Hidden Problems’ About toxic Chinese stocks. Below I have highlighted some key points but you really should go to this link if you are considering buying a Chinese stock.
“Disclosure Insight looked at five year’s worth of SEC filings for 27 China-based companies listed here”
-A big “24 got negative ratings… Problems included SEC probes, accounting/auditor problems, fights with the boards or executive suites, and other investigative activity.
-more than a quarter of the 94 U.S. securities fraud lawsuits filed in the first half seeking class-action status were targeted at so-called Chinese reverse mergers
-and more than half, 56%, of the Chinese companies got its worst rating of being a “High Risk” investment. That compares with only 6% of non-Chinese companies rated “High Risk” by Disclosure, out of “a coverage library of 1,484 companies,” Gavin said in a statement.
-Disclosure Insight’s Gavin also says the analysis “shows a pattern of significant, chronic, and disproportional risk” from companies listing here from China, “spanning many industries, and included some of the larger and better‐known names.”
– “Since we first started producing D.I. Reports in 2009, our risk profiling discipline has consistently compelled us to assign negative ratings to the vast majority of Chinese companies that we have reviewed.”
continue here

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Who Brought the Hookers to Our Business Lunch- Massages in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

These photos are from here and allegedly were taken inside a Chinese house or houses of ‘ill repute’ and or KTV’s. Looks about right to me for in this place, if you want to get business done, you have to invest in liquor, cigarettes and prostitutes. What these guys missed out on in buying their degrees instead of going to college, they made up for in their appreciation for prostitutes.
When I first came here I browsed a few books on the Chinese and their culture but soon realized I should have spent more time listening to Huggy Bear or maybe Snoop Dog. For these ‘businessmen’ are nothing like the professionals I have ever met in my life….
more shots here

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China Identified 4 Fatal Mistakes Causing the Deadly Wenzhou Train Crash

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

According to sources close to those guys with hair like Devo, you know the ones. They are in that big room with all the red flags that surprisingly enough looks like the gates to hell. yeah, those guys.
Anyway they investigated that crash here and found four key mistakes. The article is here, but I didn’t read it, I live here so to me the mistakes are obvious.
Mistakes causing crash in Wenzhou
1-Made in China
2-Misappropriated tech they did not understand
3-chinese labor
4-chinese planning, control and management

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Foxconn To Replace Chinese With Robots

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

This article is so WTF in soo many ways. Among other things, the article says that Foxconn, a TW company who makes Apple products among other things, will soon be investing in over 300,000 robots to replace Chinese workers. At present, it is said, that their plants only have around 10,000 robots now. The reasons for replacing the Chinese workers with robots are manifold. But, according to the artie, the rising price of coolie labor is too much to bear…

My WTF’s on all this.
1- WTF, Foxconn has not automated all of this stuff earlier?
2-Does China actually represent the case of Reverse Darwinism for the age of the robots whereby we have back-slid and rows upon rows of underpaid malnourished locals assemble by hand all of the stuff we buy at Wally world?
3-Foxonn can’t handle paying 200U$ for 28 days work at 12 hours per day?

Was it really about salaries or is Foxconn thinking that robots don’t smell like ass and garlic or the fact that they also do not bitch about O/T and wages before hurling themselves from tall housing communes?

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Somebody’s Gonna’ Get an Ass Whoppin’ in China- Song Dynasty Porcelain Broken

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

An article here explained that a piece of Song dynasty porcelain which was produced in a ‘famous kiln’ from said dynasty, was broken by an unnamed curator. This, of course, to the proud Chinese must be quite a blow. After all, the Song dynasty is known for ….um… er… well they made some kick ass porcelain and thus to have such a rare collectible broken is nothing less than an utter shame.

The official reason for the little mishap according to Jinghua via wantchinatimes, was

“porcelain ware was broken by a staff worker who was doing non-destructive analysis and testing on
July 4.”

Non-destructive testing? Sounds to me like the worker took the thing to the toilet with him and set it on his lap. Then he decided to chat up his buds while taking a shit, (like they all do here) the genius pulled out his cell and then let this artifact slip from his lap, breaking it. Either that or maybe he was trying to ‘replicate’ it so offer on taobao…

(photo from weirdthings.org.uk)

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Chinese Act on Omnivorous Elevators – China Imposes Safety Check on Elevators

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

While going through my daily routine of hate speech and loathing, I came across this gem. Its from the Chinadaily which is the best source of ‘haha’ you can imagine. As media is tightly controlled by the ‘bosses of this dump’ aka round headed men who attempt to stretch those two remaining dyed black hairs across their expansive skulls and then try ooooo so hard to put a positive spin on all of the disasters that seem to be occurring with more frequency.

For instance, we just had a horrific train wreck which came on the tail of homicide by a possessed escalator. This of course came on the wake of toxic pork that glowed in the dark which was better than the pork laced with carcinogenic substances which was equivalent to the tons of toxic milk that was recently found but supposedly had been destroyed which was worse than DaVinci and their fake imports although it was alleged that 80% of all alleged imports here are actually made in China…. but I seem to have digressed.

Back to the issue at hand. The Chinese are a little nervous about eating things, and driving things and flying in things and walking in the streets of Shanghai (glass bombs). So uncle C is trying to calm their fears. As such uncle c issued a directive that is really a minor non-sequitor to this rant.

The issue is that the China daily had this to say, “BEIJINGChina’squalitywatchdogsaidSundaythatover 4,000 escalatorsandelevatorshavebeensuspendedoversafetyconcernsduringanationwidesafety-checkcampaign”

Upon reading the words

I laughed so hard that i broke my ass. Yeah, wtf are they thinking? Hmm I don’t know what definition they slide next to the termqualitywatchdog, but i doubt it squares with what we in the west. So I was going to blog about this hungry elevator issue but gave up and got a muffin from Starbucks.

I’m still chuckling about it….Chinasqualitywatchdog…..
(pic from flikr.com)

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