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Chinese Act on Omnivorous Elevators – China Imposes Safety Check on Elevators

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

While going through my daily routine of hate speech and loathing, I came across this gem. Its from the Chinadaily which is the best source of ‘haha’ you can imagine. As media is tightly controlled by the ‘bosses of this dump’ aka round headed men who attempt to stretch those two remaining dyed black hairs across their expansive skulls and then try ooooo so hard to put a positive spin on all of the disasters that seem to be occurring with more frequency.

For instance, we just had a horrific train wreck which came on the tail of homicide by a possessed escalator. This of course came on the wake of toxic pork that glowed in the dark which was better than the pork laced with carcinogenic substances which was equivalent to the tons of toxic milk that was recently found but supposedly had been destroyed which was worse than DaVinci and their fake imports although it was alleged that 80% of all alleged imports here are actually made in China…. but I seem to have digressed.

Back to the issue at hand. The Chinese are a little nervous about eating things, and driving things and flying in things and walking in the streets of Shanghai (glass bombs). So uncle C is trying to calm their fears. As such uncle c issued a directive that is really a minor non-sequitor to this rant.

The issue is that the China daily had this to say, “BEIJINGChina’squalitywatchdogsaidSundaythatover 4,000 escalatorsandelevatorshavebeensuspendedoversafetyconcernsduringanationwidesafety-checkcampaign”

Upon reading the words

I laughed so hard that i broke my ass. Yeah, wtf are they thinking? Hmm I don’t know what definition they slide next to the termqualitywatchdog, but i doubt it squares with what we in the west. So I was going to blog about this hungry elevator issue but gave up and got a muffin from Starbucks.

I’m still chuckling about it….Chinasqualitywatchdog…..
(pic from flikr.com)

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