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Foxconn To Replace Chinese With Robots

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

This article is so WTF in soo many ways. Among other things, the article says that Foxconn, a TW company who makes Apple products among other things, will soon be investing in over 300,000 robots to replace Chinese workers. At present, it is said, that their plants only have around 10,000 robots now. The reasons for replacing the Chinese workers with robots are manifold. But, according to the artie, the rising price of coolie labor is too much to bear…

My WTF’s on all this.
1- WTF, Foxconn has not automated all of this stuff earlier?
2-Does China actually represent the case of Reverse Darwinism for the age of the robots whereby we have back-slid and rows upon rows of underpaid malnourished locals assemble by hand all of the stuff we buy at Wally world?
3-Foxonn can’t handle paying 200U$ for 28 days work at 12 hours per day?

Was it really about salaries or is Foxconn thinking that robots don’t smell like ass and garlic or the fact that they also do not bitch about O/T and wages before hurling themselves from tall housing communes?

10 Responses to “Foxconn To Replace Chinese With Robots”

  1. gowron said

    4. The ghosts of victims of fox con, is pestering the owner. Like the ghost of “Hello Kitty” girl pestered the pedo girlfriend of her murderers.

  2. Pudding said

    Robots can’t jump.

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