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Somebody’s Gonna’ Get an Ass Whoppin’ in China- Song Dynasty Porcelain Broken

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2011

An article here explained that a piece of Song dynasty porcelain which was produced in a ‘famous kiln’ from said dynasty, was broken by an unnamed curator. This, of course, to the proud Chinese must be quite a blow. After all, the Song dynasty is known for ….um… er… well they made some kick ass porcelain and thus to have such a rare collectible broken is nothing less than an utter shame.

The official reason for the little mishap according to Jinghua via wantchinatimes, was

“porcelain ware was broken by a staff worker who was doing non-destructive analysis and testing on
July 4.”

Non-destructive testing? Sounds to me like the worker took the thing to the toilet with him and set it on his lap. Then he decided to chat up his buds while taking a shit, (like they all do here) the genius pulled out his cell and then let this artifact slip from his lap, breaking it. Either that or maybe he was trying to ‘replicate’ it so offer on taobao…

(photo from weirdthings.org.uk)

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