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Another Day Another High Speed Rail Problem in China-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 4, 2011

On Monday there were more mishaps for China’s “high speed when they are working and not when they suffer from malfunctions and/or crashes”. On two separate lines they had system problems resulting in backups, delays and panicking passengers.
The line now called the ‘widow maker’, the one that runs through Wenzhou, stalled and passengers panicked, probably thrust themselves from window etc. And the Beijing to Shanghai line also had problems. (article here)
In reality is anyone shocked? This is China and things here should not move faster than the slowest land mammal, to ensure their safety. My question is how stupid are those dumbasses from California who recently visited China to look at the rail system. yeah, there was a big time fk off of a meeting all paid for by uncle chicom to bring some governmental officials from Cali to marvel at the high speed rail system here. My question is, when those officials come to China do they opt for just the hand job, or do they go for the full monty? (story here)china s shitty rail system

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