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Interesting Article on China and Fake Brands

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 4, 2011

This article explains four reasons why Chinese copy western brands. The author talks about four things including a communist history with weak brands, a short term outlook etc.

One thing he does not address, however, is the lack of trust and cachet in Chinese made products. For instance, when I go back home all of my colleagues ask me to buy them thins, (if I offer, they are very polite and unimposing) but one thing they all ask me is to bring them things made ABC anywhere but China. They say that they prefer foreign brands for whatever reason.

In addition, polls show that between 50-70% of Chinese do not trust Chinese made goods. this is hardly surprising given the scandals and lack of concern for humanity that many chinese producers seem to exhibit.

Also, as Chinese do not innovate, they have no cachet. Near Wanda there are several large stores with Chinese made goods and for the most part, their styles suck. They have these ‘waifish’ looking skirts that went out with snow white and her pals who were as tall as your typical male from southern china. Those who buy that stuff look quite foolish. Thus the chinese either buy local and run the risk of poisoning themselves and or looking as if they’d stepped out of a Dickens novel.

But one of the biggest things may be the Malinche factor. Malinchismo is from Mexico and is a term to show that anything from a foreign company is better than anything made in their own country. The reasons are historical and can be found here.

But I have seen this more in China than Mexico or any other place I have been to and done business. Although these people are crazy nationalists and call Japanese devils, if they have the cash, they’ll be tugging on the steering wheel of a Toyota over a chinese made chery any day. In addition, I have seen them scoff at the Eben eren locally made tablet PC and call it an Apple knockoff when in reality it diverges quite a bit from an IPAD. They tend to humiliate those of their brethren who cannot afford foreign goods or choose to buy locally.

photo from offbeatearth.com

2 Responses to “Interesting Article on China and Fake Brands”

  1. gowron said

    Geronemoooooooooooooo! a warcry used to muster courage to drink this as we Canadians call it Screech.

  2. […] Source: https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/interesting-article-on-china-and-fake-brands/ […]

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