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Beijing Bomb Blast

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 8, 2011

There is no official take on what precipitated the bomobing in Beijijng a few days ago. Some say it’s nothing more than an act of revenge. Last year we had a bombing in Beijing and the unofficial word was that the perpertrator had it in for foreigners.
The problem is that as the world ecnomies tank we will see more unrest, look at London now and similar events in the USA. We need to get the global ecnomies back on track so we can all relax….

9 Responses to “Beijing Bomb Blast”

  1. Brewskie said

    Oh yeah – the US, China and the EU going down the rabbit hole: perfect economic shit storm coming up!

    • gowron said

      Does this mean I get to finally live my dream as a Biker Barbarian saving babes from evil punks, as I ride across the Desert states with my trike (what I like those Trike bikes, you can mount shotguns and stuff on them).

      Serious question, any fatalities for my tally? I feel like one of those angel of deaths for asking this tasteless question. But China, sigh has taken my heart…. (and I don’t it in a sexy romantic way).

      • Brewskie said

        Why of course, but fatalities? That depends. Mel Gibson’s playing the villain this time: is the Russkie gold digger worth saving?

      • gowron said

        but the question still remains. Who rules Bartertown?

        My fatalities question refers to this statistics report of how many people died from the direct causes of living in this accident prone and unsafe country, or who were outright killed, or who died from willful murder (has to have the remoteness hint of connection to the party (example say a regular guy going crazy with a knife on kids won’t make it.

        But if he goes postal for say, being EVICTED, or mentally ill (because of China’s incompetent training of mental health caregivers, then yes), If a nuclear power plant blows up definate yes. And terrorist attacks are included (they’re a result of the government’s harsh rule).

        Now if a apartment collapses, after it’s been hit by an earthquake, and the ones around them survived or something, and there is talk (hint), of corner cutting from the Reds, then yes. If some houses were swept up in a flood (no, again, unless the ones around them were better made, and for Oligarchs (party members).

        Drunk driving, is not mentioned in my report, however, drunk driving if it’s a party member, cop, or a fuckhead son or daughter. Definatly. Especially if they just come from some party celebration or function. Or if some stinky little teenager screams out “my dad is mr blank, chief executive of Sanlu incorporated”.

        Smoking was a debatable one, as people can chose to smoke, However…. this is China, Philip Morris doesn’t print the smokes, the Red monoploy does, and they also have CONTROL of how much poison shit, which is 3 times stronger than the stuff the Quebecers smoke (And those are pretty strong. Sigh,,, misses them, but meh it’s better I quit) Also because of legislature enacted by the Reds to force Government workers to smoke their certain provincial brands in their respective provinces… This was added to my tally.

        Factory industrial accidents, because again, the Reds control most industries, (you get that funky certificate if you’re a foreign enterprise), this was added. The red bosses are in charge. And I found out a doozy. Not all years were added, they take statistics from time to time. Also, the fatalities are of course sanitized for lowest estimate. My counts would have have been much much higher.

        Now executions, this is tricky. Because some douche bags are evil fucks who deserve to die (ie serial killers), for instance, there was a young man in Beijing who’s Robin hoodized, because he stabbed 7 cops, some are hardened child molsesting gangsters who sell kids to Thailand, some are serial killers who get their jollies serial killing like this one boy who though he was an assassin, And because non violent crimes were punished by the death penalty…. So this execution statistic is a big sketchy, never less it was added. (Some of them I had to put an Astrix or a comment to note why it may or may not be considered. It’s like Wikipedia. I’m only just learning to sanitize data.

        For instance nobody could control the Szechwan Earthquake of 2008. But data from reliable sources such as the US Geographic survey organization, indicate that perhaps projects such as the 3 gorges dam, might have played a factor. But never less it’s an act of god….. BUT, the Tofu buildings (missing Rebar bars), ISN’T. You know…. considering the USGEO data, and reading up apologists explanations. I might consider assigning fault to the Reds, entirely for this disaster….. hmmm worth a thought. That’s science! when new information comes up out with the Ching and in with the Ming.

        And I’m only interested in the blood and gore, in my reports so SCORES were injured beyond recognition, or emotionally scared, or in the case of the Sanlu babies, their organs are F-ed up, because some fat ugly woman boss, wanted MORE money?

        And although I had to turn down ALOT of colourful statistics, because it sucked that people died, or this heart breaking one about a baby who wasted away because he was born with some mutant flu, and he was given one last wonder untested drug… (but he was long gone for months). It’s unclear if it was the drugs that did him in, like the doctors this time REALLY wanted to save him, and medicare in China is good, occasionally.

        Alot of the ones from Chinasmack, (goes on until 2007), was really heart stopping to watch. For instance, this one student was savagely beaten by 4 railroad cops (government employes), his body from the brusing, cold (discoloured like the magenta purple marble of an ICBC bank). Damn he was only 20ish. It’s like the Chinese are just prone for fighting, no self control. Very beastly. Sure the kid was mouthing off to the cops, ALL children do that, it’s hormones, it’s growth spurt…. Another boy mysteriously disappeared, and reappeared when the cops called the parents um your son is dead. Like I just wanted to sympathetically touch the screen.

        I think in later years I will try to fit faces with these impersonal numbers. Like one girl to prevent some commie cop pig man, from raping her, leapt from her hotel balcony. she was just 16.

        Fuck you Hu fuck you and your greasy hair. Fuck you and your stinky eyes, fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you to hell fuck you.

      • wtdevflnt said

        You are my idol!

  2. gowron said

    3 deaths 1 injury (the bomber’s right hand).

    • Brewskie said

      Why the rage? When a year-old bridge hiccups pot holes, you don’t get pissed off: you congratulate the good commie construction company for filling those holes super quick with super glue, sir!

      When several Party Coms get busted for a bridge construction disaster – because they awarded the project to a blind contractor! – you don’t sit resigned by yourself: No sir, you call up the ACLU in the US and bribe their asses outta jail! How dare the CCP discriminate against progressive humanitarians looking out for the disabled! (Note: see comment about ACLU below).

      In fact, yanks, with their complacency, would probably qualify as good Chinese. For instance, many Texans polks don’t question the feasibility of fighting useless, needless wars in lands some probably can’t locate on a map: no mister, they say to their elected representative (who’s a good Christian who can’t read past three words of Commandment Six): “Thank you, buddy, for keeping my family safe from imaginary bogeyman at the expense of our economy, and the fiduciary future of our country.” When you bring up the fact they’re more likely to get mugged by thuggery flash mobs, die in a car wreck (35,000 fatalities last year)… from diabetes, heart attacks, or even pressure sores from sitting on the couch too much, they say: “Oh, I don’t know that. I get my news from Dancing with the Stars.”

      But in all seriousness, that’s a damn good rant; I’m copying it. It’s bad enough they put shitty rebars in buildings… but NO rebars?

      As I’ve said all along: “The infrastructure China’s building now will shape her future, and her place in the world.” How much of her infrastructure winds up in certain shapes will impact China’s shape.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Truer words were never spoken “In fact, yanks, with their complacency, would probably qualify as good Chinese”… we deserve our misery!!!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Good one king… I just wonder how many fatalities go unreported…

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