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Reality of Chinese Construction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 8, 2011

I get to travel a wee bit here in the land of edible air , so I get to see the reality of Chinese cities, their health and how they cities operate, like performing open heart surgery on a place. With our tweezers of knowledge we probe into the infected ventricles and valves and see just how long this monstrosity can last.
One of the things that struck me is how heartily the government has taken up the cause of developing land and and buildings. As a way to boost GDP the Chinese have finished building the largest cities and are now constructing edifices in the most remote regions of China. They will leave no stone unturned.
There are many issues with this, not the least of which is the bubble the will cause, but others have covered this extensively. Thus, I will just bash them over the head for shitty construction.
It’s true, take it from me. I’ve been a whirlwind tour of the south and central regions and China, true to form has constructed city upon city of identical structures. Thats right, identical, right down to the last unpounded nail. You can go from Lang Fang to Inner Mongolia and see the same landscape.
But they are commies, you may say, to which I’d smack your chops. They are communists, I’d correct.
And just because they are communists, does not mean that they do not need to learn from their mistakes. For instance, my building, much like a woman from China, is relatively young but has that dreary and worn out look of of ill-construction, rush jobs and Mao notes diverted to the pockets to too many one mistake grand kids (party members).
Thus I have to laugh when I visit a ‘new’ hotel in which the bare wires are exposed, the lights don’t work and the concrete is flaking like the scalp of those with whom I ride the morning subway. It’s such a sham to see the beautiful edifice and inside its got the structural integrity of a cotton ball. The locals, being locals know nothing of this and feel oh so fortunate to have a really keen place to vacation. I just shake my head and sip on a Starbucks latee and wait for my man tits to get bigger.

One Response to “Reality of Chinese Construction”

  1. Brewskie said

    Appreciate the inside info on porous construction of Chinese infrastructure. In fact, our good ‘ol buddy ObaMao had this to say in response to one of my posts on another site:

    “Buildings go up quick in China as work seem to be going on 24 hrs. I went back every 3 months for quarterly updates and new line start-ups and it amazed me how quickly the buildings went up.

    It bothered me that the construction can be heard at night time across my hotel. I switched hotel 4 times over the 8 years in Shenzhen. Started with Nanhai the dump on Shekou next to girlie bars and street walkers galore (teen to even grandma in 50’s) in 2000. Moved to new Holiday Inn Donghua in Nanshan and was given ex executive room for staying there so often. It began to fall apart 1 year later with window leaks leading to wall paper coming off with plaster rubbing off. Plaster often fell down on muggy days. Moved to new Venice Crowne Plaza in 2002. Wow really looked nice but the rooms began to fall apart 2 years later. Carpet was pathetic even on the executive floor and doors/wall began to age very quickly. Was having a heated session on a curvy “sex” chair next to window with local GF and she grabbed the curtain in bit of passion and it fell on top of me exposing the peeling paints and ugly molds on the window. So moved again to Intercontinental across the street in 2007 when it opened and so far so good.”

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