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China Selling Baby Flesh to Korea?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2011

It has been reported that China has been exporting pills made from baby flesh to Korea. The pills are supposed to increase one’s stamina. My question is who is more disgusting in this equation, the buyers or sellers?
(story here)

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Another Day, Another Bridge Collapse in China- Lookout San Francisco

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2011

China is building a lot of junk/stuff and some of it even stays here. Thus, its not uncommon to have things like exploding glass, carnivorous escalators and just plain stupidity. But now China has to clean up her own mess one more time. This time a bridge in Hainan China collapsed- while being built.( Two workers died and two were injured as well)….
Yeah, how do you suppose those guys in San Francisco, the ones who contracted a chinese company with no bridge building experience feel now? They should be a little nervous, after all, our bridge was made in China…

story here

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Customer Service in China-Hang Ups and Disrespect

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2011

I live in China so I get to travel. One of the things you’ll notice when you come to China, aside from the edible noxious air, the beggars, the stench of urine…. o but I digress. One of the things you will notice is that in Beijing it’s pretty easy to find an English speaker somewhere. Sure they may pronounce the sounds like they’ve got a mouth full of marbles, but they’ll be happy to oblige.
If you wander off the beaten path, ie anywhere but maybe BJ shanghai and guangzhou, you will suffer, however. For instance, a while back I was at a hotel in some flea bag of a city and tried my best to convey my needs to the hotel operator. Of course my Chinese sucks, but it’s not that bad. I asked the lady a simple question and she said she didn’t understand so I repeated it , only to have her hang up. So again I called and again she hung up. This went on for five times and finally I merely asked why she kept hanging up on me.
She said, “i don’t understand your chinese.” and once again hung up. No, ‘I am sorry’ no ‘can you come to the front desk’, she just hangs up.
This is customer service in the real China

(photo womenofchina.cn)

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Hopefully Will get To Comments Today!!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2011

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China Launches Her New-/Old Aircraft Carrier Aquatic Animals Beware!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2011

China bought this old hunk of steel from the Russians/used to be Russians a while back. The thing is a post vietnam boat which holds planes, chinamen and other stuff.
The Chinese are proud that they have such a boat for it allows them to pursue their ‘peaceful rise’. Peaceful rise is chinospeak for ‘look out motherfuckers cuz here we come!’
Some are worried about this development, India is said to be shanking in their shoes and others more so. As for me, I’m less than worried, I live here. My only fear is that the boat was made in Russia or one of thier former states, so may not be a piece of shit. But then again, the Chinese have had the tub for a decade- plenty of time to render it to a floating hunk of ferro-feces.
Others, who probably have never lived here fear for the power of the ‘new China’ a term at which I scoff. These good folks have never seen the reality of the ‘new china’, the borderline anarchy and utter feebleness with which they resolve problems. These are the types who saw this boat is big, and they have those stealth planes too…
To me China is like that big dumb kid called Mikey, back in the 5th grade. He was slower than most and in between missing classes cuz he’d shit his pants and cutting cuz he got his feelings hurt, he had little to offer school and it returned the favor by giving him it back in spades.
So this kid Mikey is ‘all growed up now’ and thanks to his round headed dad, he’s got ‘hisself’ a new life. Yeah, his old man came into some money, which of course mikey’s lazy ass didn’t earn, it was all a gift. So now mikey wants to show the world what he’s made of .
mikey goes out and buys some useless paintball guns and talks some of his similar minded kin into taking on you and your crew in some paintball at the local fairgrounds.

You and your crew have been around the block a bit and have taken some hard knocks, but what you’ve learned, you’ve learned by the sweat of your brow. Late nights studying films and gameplans is how you roll and usually you are pretty ready to strap it on.
So when mikey swags up to the field in those fake ray bans and pants hanging below the voluminous gut, you kind of chuckle. You look at your friends, the guys you know and trust and grin, can barely hide your elation.
The way you see it, life is a series of learnings, and most of them come from outside oneself. They are a combination of all the knocks, the victories and what you’ve seen and done before.
You figure that a guy who was taught to turn on his family and friends has no ‘team in him’. That a people whose life lessons were learned by defaming their kin and those with whom they’ve got an unsettled score. A family whose never been at peace and at any one moment is poised on the cusp of splintering. The guy not only doesn’t know who he is, but his crew doesn’t either. Friendship and battles are won in the heart, way before you even taken the field, its a thing you’ve proven you’ve got. As you stare at Mikey you just shake your head and say ‘you sure you wanna do this?” all the while thinking ‘damn, Mikey’s got some life lessons to learn….’.

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