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Super Typhoon? Reality of News in China- Mylaowai.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2011

The chinese communist party likes to control, so much so, that it can be creative with the news. The following is an excerpt from mylaowai.com who exposes the folly of the red mouthpiece. Read the entire post to get a feel for what it means to live in the land of the lost, a country who never stopped erecting walls or barriers, but what can you expect from people who spent over two millennia toiling over the last one.

excerpt from here

Thirty-five fishing boats missing? Try ‘a few fisherman were at the KTV getting their knob scrubbed and the rest were arrested by the Japanese Coast Guard for illegal fishing’. But hey, another good headline, right?

Seventy-five flights cancelled out of Shanghai? True, actually. But I know for a fact that wind speeds at the airport in question were barely sufficient to fly a kite. Makes for a better story if we just use the Communist Party line though, right guys?

“Stock up on emergency supplies of food, water, and cash in case of storm-related power outages,” we are told. Well, that happens every day in China. Power outages are as common as people shitting on the footpath. But not because of storms; because of the need to keep thousands of empty buildings fully lit at all times in an attempt to keep from losing face.”


photo chinatownology.com

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The Power of Red- You May Not Return Home

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2011

China is a red country, not that this is a good thing nor bad, at least on the face of it. The problem is that once one comes here, the ugly reality of uncle c floats around like the wafting stench of bovine scat.

You may not understand my point and if you don’t then you’ve never been here. And if you’ve been here and still do not understand then please do harm to yourself for in the end we’ll all be better off.

Hmmm I am sounding a bit bitter and lest my ADD mind wanders too far off the already ambiguous path before you, let me explain. The guys ruling the center country roost are nothing less than the legally blind leading the more legally blind, but first a history lesson of modern China.

But first a fairy tale of epic proportions, Imagine if you will, that 80-90 years ago, a bunch of bums, malcontents and unemployable poets scurrying about trying to establish a ruling body. The problem was that the land they inhabited was filled with warlords and some people who had guns. These nascent pinks had help from a guy named Braun and the kings reds the Soviets.

Lacking guns, the reds marched around the center land pillaging from churches, promising sex to those who’d join in the march and death or torture for those who did not. Along the way, a tall chubby faced man honed his skills in killing off the intellectuals and liberating the intellectually challenged whom he liked to call comrade and elevate to positions of honor within the secret society of the almighty red. These men bred like bacteria and had off spring who now pollute the political landscape of the land that time forgot.

If one takes the time to listen to one of the local officialdom speak and has the wherewithal to not immediately end his own life over the ignorance of it all, he can spend a little time learning about these men, the local leaders. Their lack of remarkability is remarkable in and of itself. For having over 20% of the mouths to feed on planet earth, one would think they’d be able to sire officials with a smattering of couth, elegance and intellect.

But if one thinks like this , as does the current author, then one is falling into the trap of cultural hegemony, not understanding history and culture. The problem is that the leaders, through years of self selection and Darwinism have managed to eliminate the specter of intelligence which they have dutifully replaced with greed and cruelty.

To read about all of the purges, the cruelty of Mr Chou and even the Deng, one is left aghast. The only thing they seemed to accomplish was to scare off the bright and the capable and enrich the lands of Hong Kong, TW and others in the process, leaving the mainland as a desolate outpost of ignorance and fear.

Which brings me back to my current post.

The other day upon departing from a shite hole of a town in China, I was once again exposed to the ‘organ’ that is the party in China. While waiting in line to check  our luggage, a  chinawoman of tremendous proportions and a smidgen of hair attempted to jump to the front of the line and the fifty or so people waiting be damned.

A couple of businessmen took exception to her actions and told her to wait as the others had. Suddenly the gash’es hubby appeared and snarling like a warlock identified himself as a member of the local party,identified the gash as his squeeze and asked what was up. Nonplussed, the businessmen said that the gash needed to wait just as all others had and continued with their purchase.

Although the town was nothing more than a fleck of dissent upon the face of hatred that is China, this ‘member’ nonetheless wielded a big stick, at least in this kingdom. He replied that if the men wanted to return home, they’d rethink how they treated him and his porcine goddess. A short argument ensued leading the red to call his posse and yes the businessmen were prevented from leaving on their scheduled flight.

As I watched this play out before me I could not help but laugh. Apples don’t fall far from their trees and in every instance possible, those members of this group who come from the lowest of the low, the kind of people who sell AIDS tainted blood and kids under the auspices of helping this place are the progeny of the kind of scum that collects in large stagnating ponds of festering flotsam and jetsam but never seem to go away.

pic from angrywhitedude.com

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China’s Pollution is Our Problem

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2011

It has been reported that over 30% of all the pollution covering California emanates from China. Think of the distance that grunge must travel just to come visit us. Then again don’t think of this factoid for it may ruin your next trip to Wal-Mart.

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