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Mylaowai on Chinese Pregnancy- Bringing the HAHA in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Here is a pretty good rant mylaowai-style about Chinese women and pregnancy. The interesting thing is that through it all, he does offer a glimpse of the reality of superstition in China. I have heard the same things, except the vest and can attest to the veracity of his words.
The post drops the f-bomb like locals drop public turds so if this bothers you maybe you should ask mommy daddy or your spouse if its okay to read, but the post is hilarious.

“…But oh no, we have to treat women ‘special’. And in China they take this to extremes. This probably does not surprise you; it doesn’t surprise me. Very few things possess the power to surprise me any more, except perhaps the (frankly ludicrous) suggestion that someone in China might actually exhibit some fragment of humanity for once in their useless life – but I digress.
Women are ‘special’ in China. Well, retarded kids are ‘special’ where I come from, and there are many similarities between the two groups. Pregnant women are the most ‘special’ of all, of course. You can’t fire their lazy asses, you’re not supposed to beat them as often as the unimpregnated ones, they get paid time off to drop their hatchlings, etcetera etcetera. But this is just the ordinary sort of nonsense we put up with in the West. In China, they don’t watch television, in case it damages the unborn bastards’ eyes. She can’t sit on a crooked mat, or look at bright colours, or have an unharmonious discussion…”

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Radioactive Rice in China or Just Heavy Metals? Toxic Chinese Foods

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

It has been reported that over 10% of all rice in China is contaminated with heavy metals which includes cadmium. I feel the effects of the local sludge on my body and mind as well, or maybe its just the natural process of reverse Darwinism one feels when they come to this place…..

(photo from sglinks.com)

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Sigh of Relief, China Did Not Peek at Stealth Chopper- Allegedly!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

I blogged that the Pakis had alleged let China take a ‘peek’ at the super stealth chopper that went down in the attack on Bin Laden. I don’t think that this should come as a surprise to anyone for Pakistan seems to be pretty similar to China and thus birds of a feather….
So now it has come to light that all of this was some hoax, a farce. The truth is that no, China did not get a look see at this chopper that could remove them from millenia of ignorance and military impotence, after all, why would they want such a thing? The Chinese really only want a ‘peaceful rise’.
How do we know that the chicoms did not take a gander? Because they have said so, article here. I, for one, breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the utterances of this fact from the alcohol impregnated minds of the big reds from the center of the universe.
The Chinese have unequivocally stated that they did not take a look at nor touch the chopper- a thing they called preposterous. ‘Preposterous’ is a chinese catch-all for ‘oh shit how can we hide this fact’. For instance it was preposterous to think that they actually mine organs from convicts both living and dead, it’s also preposterous to think that that actually had its antecedents some time earlier with the bubble-headed baby syndrome. In addition to this, it’s preposterous to think that them ‘liberating’ both of their far western provinces was anything but a leap forward for the Hman rghts in those areas, and now Hong Kong.
Does anyone really believe those guys?
(photo from darkroastedblend.com)

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Chinese Guy Mails Bomb to Ex-Employer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Some Chinese guy was pissed at his ex-employer so he mailed a little package with a ‘bang’. He made a bomb out of fireworks and mailed it via express service. The thing went off in the Hongzhou offices.
The locals are pissed at the poor safety regarding such deliveries and lack of quality in shipping services
Story here

Oh yeah, Baidu’s stock dropped after it was alleged that you could pay them off to get higher rankings. Who the hell didn’t know that? I heard that story the moment I arrived.

I guess too many people are rushing onto the China gravy train with their eyes closed, so screw them, they get what they deserve…..

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Photos of the Real Shanghai

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

China is old and many of her streets and buildings are old as well. The problem is that the locals feel that these sites and streets are eyesores and are embarrassed to share them with the world. Thus, China has done her best to destroy or hide such places.
These photos show charming sections of Shanghai that frankly embarrass many who live around there. For instance in these places or hutongs in Beijing, the locals feel that those who inhabit them are uncouth and represent the bad of the past.
(photos from mop.com)
also posted here

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Poor Chinese Lady Not Allowed to Give Birth in Hospital

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Most doctors take a Hippocratic oath which roughly equates to saving human lives and doing all they can to help people. But most who take this oath come from civilized countries where a life is actually worth something.
A poor Chinese couple did not meet such a doctor as they were kicked out of a hospital. Although the woman (Xu Xing-Quan Tong Ling) was in the throes of labor pains she was told the hospital could not help her and she then attempted to go to a different hospital by bus. The problem(s) were that she was in China and thus no one really cared.

The bus driver kicked her off the bus calling her dirty and said she needed to take the train as her water broke. The other passengers agreed and so she gave birth on the cement in broad daylight. Of course there were many onlookers but no one helped.

Some would blame the cultural revolution for this behavior but a quck read of ancient Chinese history shows that it goes much deeper than this. In a country where female babies were killed and shoved from tall buildings, one really has to wonder how they define humanity.
from here


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Aravind Adiga on Delhi or China-Quote from The White Tiger

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Aravind Adiga wrote a great book called The White Tiger . The plot is that the main character explains to Wen Jiabao from China what to expect on his trip to India. The prose is excellent and his descriptions are vivid.
The author puts a feeling or sense of reality into his writing and is informative and poetic. The following is how he describes traveling in a car in Delhi (an egg is a metaphor for the car). And although the story is about India, I found many similarities to China as well.
For instance, in the following passage, substitute the word “Chinese big City” for Delhi and it still rings true.

From The White Tiger
“These poor bastards had come from the darkness to Delhi to find some light—but they were still in the darkness. Hundreds of them, there seemed to be, on either side of the traffic, and their life was entirely unaffected by the jam. Were they even aware that there was a jam? We were like two separate cities—inside and outside the dark egg. I knew I was in the right city. But my father, if he were alive, would be sitting on that pavement, cooking some rice gruel for dinner, and getting ready to lie down and sleep under a streetlamp, and I couldn’t stop thinking of that and recognizing his features in some beggar out there. So I was in some way out of the car too, even while I was driving it.”

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Just How Bad is the Pollution in China? – J. Maarten Troost Explains

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

The following is an excellent quote from the book, Lost on Planet China: The Strange and True Story of One Man’s Attempt to Understand the World’s Most Mystifying Nation (J. Maarten Troost). The book is enlightening and the author imho nailed what the Chinese experience is all about. The guy has written several books and has a great style and pretty perceptive.

“The haze that hung over our surroundings was unearthly. It swirled in gray and brown and yellow plumes. It suggested that not far away, something catastrophic had occurred—a volcanic eruption, a meteor strike, a thermonuclear bomb—and now life had been reduced to a state of grim survival.”

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