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Chinese Guy Mails Bomb to Ex-Employer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Some Chinese guy was pissed at his ex-employer so he mailed a little package with a ‘bang’. He made a bomb out of fireworks and mailed it via express service. The thing went off in the Hongzhou offices.
The locals are pissed at the poor safety regarding such deliveries and lack of quality in shipping services
Story here

Oh yeah, Baidu’s stock dropped after it was alleged that you could pay them off to get higher rankings. Who the hell didn’t know that? I heard that story the moment I arrived.

I guess too many people are rushing onto the China gravy train with their eyes closed, so screw them, they get what they deserve…..

4 Responses to “Chinese Guy Mails Bomb to Ex-Employer”

  1. gowron said

    Any deaths? and was the stupid ass dumb enough to write his return address?

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