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Poor Chinese Lady Not Allowed to Give Birth in Hospital

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2011

Most doctors take a Hippocratic oath which roughly equates to saving human lives and doing all they can to help people. But most who take this oath come from civilized countries where a life is actually worth something.
A poor Chinese couple did not meet such a doctor as they were kicked out of a hospital. Although the woman (Xu Xing-Quan Tong Ling) was in the throes of labor pains she was told the hospital could not help her and she then attempted to go to a different hospital by bus. The problem(s) were that she was in China and thus no one really cared.

The bus driver kicked her off the bus calling her dirty and said she needed to take the train as her water broke. The other passengers agreed and so she gave birth on the cement in broad daylight. Of course there were many onlookers but no one helped.

Some would blame the cultural revolution for this behavior but a quck read of ancient Chinese history shows that it goes much deeper than this. In a country where female babies were killed and shoved from tall buildings, one really has to wonder how they define humanity.
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2 Responses to “Poor Chinese Lady Not Allowed to Give Birth in Hospital”

  1. gowron said

    Fuck China.

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