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China Moves to Corner Worldwide Poison Market

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 17, 2011

Some Chinese company called Bright Foods is looking to buy a company in Australia. This company sells, among other things, milk. Yeah, let me say that again. A freaking Chinese company that sells milk.

Chinese and food prep and or companies are like Chinese and high speed things or petrochemicals or nukes, they only spell disaster. It’s been reported that one of the leading causes of death in China is stomach cancer, its a result of all the crap they shove in the food here. So I guess China has gotten sick of poisoning only her people but want to spread the love and kill others as well.

In my vision of hell we are forced to watch chinese movies while slugging down chinese milk from chinese glasses and wear pendants from Guangzhou and then when its all over we need to take the chinese high speed rail to a chinese hospitality center all the while lorded over by the chinese party.

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Where’s the Chicken Meat- Dining in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 17, 2011

Some clients and I went to eat at a Sichuan place. The dishes at this type of place are that concoction of spices and veggies in a large pot and then steamed.
They pointed at the fish and I said I preferred chicken, but I should have specified.

When the dish arrived, I saw what appeared to be about 30 scrunched chicken parts.

“is that the chicken wings?” I said while glancing down.
“NO” they said
As i picked at the stiff monkey shit brown pieces.
“Its the head” they offered.

I was like, “where is the rest of it, the meat or the skin?”
they shook their heads no, this was it.
I like chicken, but when I dine upon it I assume that by proffering the suggestion of eating the bird, it implies that I choose to dine on the meat or some fleshy part thereof, not the thick calcium encrusted brain housing unit.
“try it ” they said and ground their chopsticks heartily into the pan.

I pried one of the skulls that was close to me and hazarded a look inside. The skulls were split in two and lie facing upwards. What appeared to be some grey matter was scrunched inside the brain cavity and then there was an assortment of other hunks and gnarls of flesh and goo.

I snatched a piece of anemic broccoli and said I’d have t take a pass this time.
As I sat there I was thinking who the fk just eats the skull of an animal and calls it a meal?

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