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Law China Style

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2011

China Chinaízes all it gets its hands on, kind of like Pig Pen. An example is its produce, glowing pork and toxic oil. Another bright example is law.According to one of the capos or many of them in China, China is a rule by law country.

Rule by law means that laws are predictable and utilized in a systemized fashion with little or no deviation. For instance if selling pirated videos is illegal then it is illegal not just when the eyes of the world are upon is in times of the Olympics and such.
But to their defense it is hard for China to understand what rule of law means. The head of their political and legal committee of the party is a guy named Luo who was an engineer and has no legal training whatsoever….

There is nothing wrong with engineers, but I cant imagine anyone sitting on our Supreme court who spent the majority of his life (when he wasn’t mimicking the great chairman’s words while foisting high the little pink book) his life was spent doing quadratic equation. What 2x+4 =y has to do with determining if the extenuating circumstances of a situation merited special consideration or followed which case precedent.
Maybe I am underestimating this man’s abilities, but I truly doubt it….

political and legal committee of the central committee of the Communist party, Luo Gan, is an engineer turned security supremo who is there to ensure the system serves the party. As he has put it, his role is to guard against “negative western legal concepts” like judicial independence.
(photo from trekearth.com)

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