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Summing Up China’s Value Add to Mankind

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2011

Go to any airport in China and you’ll encounter a special breed of filth that imho symbolizes China’s impact on the world. No the filth to which I refer is not the nouveau riche who leverage communist contacts to steal land from farmers who set themselves ablaze all in the name of justice. Nor am I referencing those loathsome pieces of shit who are driving the worldwide hunt for endangered animals all so they can suck of the ‘man tool’of said animal in the hopes of pleasing some diseased KTV skank later on..

No my friend, that piece of trash to which I refer is the black taxi. Actually I have nothing against black taxis, but they do epitomize why China will never be an innovation power house, at least in my lifetime.
And before you raise your crooked paws atop the decrepit keyboard upon which you bash your daily emails, let me say that fk off and no China does not innovate. Yes they have patents but I do to and it’s from China. There is a ton of research which shows how China is merely boxing in tech and innovation with their patents but is innovating precious little. and if you reference huawei, I say that you need to work for them for just one week and then talk to me. Remember kiddies, I do the bloggo for fun, but research this place for a living.
So, no China is no king in innovation this is why. Chinese are rent seekers. A rent seeker is like a parasite who lives from the fuids of another. lIke a Remora fish, no host no life- this is China. Now back to my example. Those black taxis are an example of a such a phenomenon. When taxis abound, they have little to no work, but in a snow storm they make cash. From the point of view of economics it could vbe said that they are providing a useful service, and I would agree with that, but am bemoaning the state of Chinese innovation.
Thus, while most innovators look to try something new and different and make a change in our lives, the people like China do not. They force us to sign over innovation if we want to sell to them – which is a prime example of rent seeking. But in so doing they are signing their own innovation death warrant as they are not moving up the value chain. Or, if they do try, they kill people as last month will attest.
Thus all the crap you hear about China innovating is a load of runny horsehit, at least in the past 400 hundred years. And even their famed inventions
were pirated from the chimps. Thus, this black cab phenomenon is China. A country who has neither the foresight nor wherewithal to make a change for the better so it survives by sucking off the blood of the floundering bodies who come here.

The only thing left to do is to ask China just wtf they’ve been doing with themselves for the past 5000 years. No ‘net, no jet engines, no cure for cancer, no lap tops, pc’s no youtube, nor amazon. Aside from murder milk, what have they really invented?

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