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Professor Booger in China- Chinese Couth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2011

The other day I was at a meeting with some officials and a professor from one of the top 3 Chinese unis- meaning the schools with the best plagiarizers in this whole place. The prof did his best to bore us and convince the crowd that those raised during the cultural revolution were not worth a shit and quite ignorant and then shut up.

While the man next to him began his speech, the professor decided to have some fun and a little diversion from the routine boredom of listening to others. As such he rammed his index finger into the inner most recesses of his nose. I sat there marveling at how aggressively he attempted to emancipate whatever it was he had up there and was treated to nearly four minutes of picking.
Eventually, Abraham Lincoln- like he freed the tiny morsel and then summarily nonchalantly dropped his hand to his lap and rolled the trinket and flicked it away. Of course anyone possessing a nose must pick, but usually human beings or at least those from civilization pick and choose when to do so. To them an appropriate time may be in the bathroom with the comfort of a Kleenex, but this is China. The man, raised during a time that 15-20 year olds ruled the country vz red guards had learned to love Mao more than mama san and dad,but did not learn we all don’t wish to spy him excavating his honker.
After the speech we had a dinner, which professor Booger managed to ruin by continually blowing his nose into that little towel that they place at the dinner table and then ‘cleansing’ hands on it. To me the man symbolized China pretty well.

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