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China Pirating Russian Jet Designs?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2011

China is in possession of some new fighter aircraft- its all part of their ‘harmonious rise’. The problem is that their jets look remarkably similar to those of their age old comrades in communist arms, the Russians. Story here.
The funny thing is that the Chinese are either receiving some help from the Russians, hacking into the Russian systems or merely damn lucky to make such carbon copies.
My question is this? WTF will the Chinese start to design things on their own? Those in the west who have never had the misfortune of living here have no idea as to the depths of the ‘copy gene’ that these people posses. While its popular for the talking heads to tout China’s innovation and rise, my question is where is its proof?
And even more frustrating is the fact that many of those who come from civilized places have also bought into the BS about China being innovative. This type stands there in their Mao suits proclaiming all the good of this place. Again I ask where it is they are looking for I cannot see it….

2 Responses to “China Pirating Russian Jet Designs?”

  1. gowron said

    The real question is here is. Just how much Sanlu has poisoned the minds of the CCP synod, for them to think they’re safe? Sam (USA), Charlie (Nam), and NOW IVAN?, and pissing off Khan and Ahmed (Xinnang), and giving the great Guru Jobs (Apple) a black eye, while ripping off Buffette. China is committing hari kari here. Actually no, because Ippu Sekki, is a response to restore honor, Chinese people have none.

    That’s right China piss the Russians off… In other news, riots again in China. No deaths however. oh pooh.

  2. […] Source: https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/china-pirating-russian-jet-designs/ […]

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