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Toxic China Adds Recycling Spoiled old Ham to the Menu- Toxic Food in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2011

China news from wantchinatimes says that a major Chinese company is using old ham, mixed with new to sell after it has reached its expiration date.This comes a few days after China has launched an anti-shitty food campaign….

From here

It has been reported that Chinese meat processor China Yurun Food Group used recycled meat in its ham after a five-star hotel claimed that it discovered old packaging material.The food company denied the charge and said that a rare mistake occurred in its automatic packaging process when plastic film and metal buckles were found in the ham purchased by the hotel in Hefei, Anhui province, according to an official statement quoted by Xinhua news agency yesterday (May 27).
The company has suspended a defective assembly line of its subsidiary Ma’anshan Yurun Food Co and started to recall products of the same batch. Executives and workers responsible for the incident will be suspended until an investigation has been completed, the company said.However, the company’s statement contradicts the account of the hotel’s chef while some food industry analysts also indicated that the material had been used previously and mixed with the ham before the new batch was packaged.The chef accused the company of unwrapping expired ham and mixing it with fresh meat.
Continue here http://health.lfx8.com/20110527/top-hotel-has-beef-over-old-ham/

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