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China Builds Huge Underground Network for Nukes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 24, 2011

China is attempting her peaceful rise but the balance of the world will not hear of it. Where ever you go, you see people distrusting, dissin’ and disliking these humble agrarian worker bees from China. The purchase of an old hulking pos aircraft carrier did little to assuage these ill feelings but they do not understand the typical chinaman and the fact that they come in peace. And sure China has nukes and thousands of missiles pointed at TW but they must point somewhere right?
The latest news is that the chicoms have a vast underground network set up so that they may be able to move and to launch nukes at a moments notice. These rabbit warren’esque facilities hold the latest in ‘peaceful rise’ tech. My only hope is that when they stock these places and send off their arms, that they utilize China’s high speed rail to ensure they make it there as fast as possible….
Story here

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