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Chinese Judge Calls Chinese Women Who Study in France Tramps?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 24, 2011

This article is so funny on oh so many levels. According to Associate professor at China’s Judicial College of the Ministry of Justice, a man named Zhang Haixia has allegedly said the following:
“All Chinese women who pursued advanced studies in France turned morally corrupt and became like Pan Jinlian, after they returned to China,” referring to a female character from Water Margin, one of the most famous novels in Chinese history, who is known for her adulterous behavior. An internet user calling himself Paris Watch posted a video on his microblog of Professor Zhang making the remarks.”
from here

Why is it funny?
1- China has a ministry of Justice? WTF-hahha
2-China has judges?
3-Only the Chinese women who have gone to France are morally corrupt?
4-Corruption in Chinese courts is so rampant that judges have become unnecessary, the party makes all the decisions for them as well
5-the man is probably part of that cultural revolution clan who have never gotten over the fact that humans have rights and one cannot not indiscriminately beat people to death for the color of their clothing…
But then again maybe he’s right. Maybe one has to be morally bankrupt to understand moral bankruptcy

2 Responses to “Chinese Judge Calls Chinese Women Who Study in France Tramps?”

  1. gowron said

    God I hate this stinky country.

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