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Video Shows China Military Hacking Into US Isps

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 24, 2011

Our good buddy China just wants us all to get along. As part of their peaceful rise they buy big guns and loud bombs and tr to make airplanes that we cannot see. Funny thing is that in their long history they have never contributed to the defense of the world so maybe we should just let them be.

The annoying thing, however is that their one child disappointment script kiddies keep attacking civilized countries. They got pissed about the Nobel and then they were hacked, and then there was Google etc.
Now the dumbasses in the Chinese army have made a video that shows Chinese hacking into a US ISP. It is some type of training video and the morons didn’t realize what they were doing.

How easy will it be to deny this one? story here and here

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