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Made in China Clothing Neuters Men- China Product Quality Problems

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2011

Chinese one-child disappointment boy/men are said to be less mature at birth and adulthood, according to studies. They have a higher incidence of eye troubles, lower muscle mass and actually score lower than their femail counterparts.
Some would say it is Darwinism’s way of counteracting the one child policy and these boys are morphing into eunichs, but I am not so sure. But what I have read recently may hold the key. Chinese companies, according to Greenpeace, have been using a chemical-chemical nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). in the making of clothes, which inhibits sexual maturity in boys and early development in girls- EGADS!
The report showed that 13 countries tested did likewise, but since China is the big Kahoona of manufacturing we can rest assured that much of the stuff piled on our shelves may contain it as well. I guess we need to carefully watch our children for bouts of ‘nelli ness’, weakness, large spectacles and jagged gray teeth lest they follow their brethern over here….
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