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Mylaowai’s Take On Flying in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2011

Excellent rant on flying China Eastern Airlines by mylaowai.com

from here
“Dear China Eastern Airlines,
I owe you an apology, and I can see from the expression on your face that you need an explanation, too. That seems fair.
I took one of your flights recently, and that’s where the trouble starts. You see, I didn’t actually make the booking, and by the time I realised on which airline I was scheduled to ‘fly’, it was too late to make any changes. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I may be slightly prejudiced when it comes to flying Plummet Airways.
I was so organised, so very well prepared, so efficient, that before I had even boarded the aircraft, I had composed an entire post in which I would describe the awfulness of the experience.
China Eastern Airlines, I was hasty, and I am sorry.
Things were much better than I had anticipated. To begin with, we were only an hour late in taking off, and that wasn’t really even your fault. After all, one can hardly hold you responsible for the manner in which your passengers behave, can one?
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One Response to “Mylaowai’s Take On Flying in China”

  1. intermezzo said

    start watching at 2:14:

    “Well Ladies en Jantelmen we had to porn de anshe-anshe-m airport the letter tom Air Flight 135 AL. To grant how much income that they will transfer-esidence en 2 transfer height. Ples mutton with the puckus boar for will Veg Now, Plane Car where our top is to our pledge the malt. Ples ensure that your blind paperin advance. Should you have smelly clients enShmer Rear. 12 passengers please proceed to the transporters inlevel flight tankew 4 worth it. Enwer looking for water assistance. Tankew. ”

    Excerpt from china eastern airlines’ website. bloated self-praising. typical china :-D:

    “Following the concept of “providing heart-to-heart service to our customers”, China Eastern strives to become an excellent aviation service integrator which wins “Staff Devotion, Customer Loyalty, Shareholder Satisfaction and Public Trust”.
    Since 2009, China Eastern has achieved remarkable development with a brand-new image. China Eastern has been successively recognized as “the most innovative company in China 2011” by FORTUNE, been rewarded the “Five-Star Flight Safety Award” by CAAC and has become the first state-owned civil aviation enterprise that has been recognized as the “Famous trademark in China” by China Administration for Industry and Commerce.:”

    why not starting with basic english classes for the flight attendants firstly, before taking over the world? haha!

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