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Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 26, 2011

Is it just me:
– or do Chinese men pull their pants up to their man-tits looking like mommy dressed them
– do all Chinese yap on their cell phones while taking a shit?
– when they walk does it look like they are marching?
– do all the women hobble along in high heels as if they’d just gotten their feet unbound?
– do they stuff their cigs into their mouths while sprinting to the ‘smoking area’
– smoke in elevators?
– emotionally mature at a rate 1/10th to the remainder of humanity?
– do all of the ‘new apartments’ leak?

3 Responses to “China Observations”

  1. MyLaowai said

    In order:

    – Yes.
    – Yes.
    – No, because I make a point of kicking dogs who try to walk on two legs.
    – Yes and No, the no part being that from time to time a whore also suffers from a little piece of the tip breaking off inside.
    – No, because they’ll smoke where they want. I do that too, except I own this country and they’re just my serfs, so it’s ok.
    – Yes.
    – No, because although you are correct, it tops out at age 16.
    – Yes.

    Trust we’re all clear on this now? Good, because I have a coolie to beat, and sticks don’t wave themselves.

  2. SherCM said

    YES to all!

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