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Heartless China and Accidents

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 27, 2011

My friend was going by a bridge in Beijing and saw a motorcyclist bleeding and helpless on the road. The guy had multiple gashes on his head and was laying in a pool of blood. inert. None of the locals even stopped to help the man and merely drove by. The street he was on is a major thoroughfare and instead of stopping the locals rubber necked and drove past. My friend covered the gashes on the guys head and forced a taxi to stop and help the man.
Chinese live like this, there seems to be no value on a life.

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Where for Art Thou China’s Li Na?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 27, 2011

China had a tennis phenom whose day in the sun lasted about as long as the sctuctural integrity of a Chinese house- not long. This woman Li Na won some tennis match in Europe and all of teh sudden China was to take over the world of sport. The foreign press from high aloft their seats afar yelled that it was proof enough of the Chinese juggernaut and her stellar ways. This one match win by some m was, according to the death knell for foreign sport.
Funny thing happened then. Li Na kind of disappeared. She played in ensuing matches but like Vanilla Ice had blown her metaphorical wad. For a week the nation of China was able to block out the date of June 4, the day of her victory and is brutal history, but since then she’s shown the true spirit of China. She is a has been, a wash up who will start some tennis camps in the land of selfishness and grunge, but in reality what did she accomplish?

At least China now understands the term ‘flash in the pan’

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DAM China- 40,000 Chinese Damns Ready on Verge of Collapse?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 27, 2011

Great comment from Brewskie, a faithful China watcher. Via a comment he pointed us to a link that I will share below. At issue is the scary notion that 40,000 of China’s dams, because they were made in China, are poorly built or in need of repair.The locals think the Three Gorges Dam is going to have a major issue within a few years causing great harm to many.
Thanks Brew

Excerpt here:
“These reservoirs are a major risk and will ruin farmland, railways, buildings and even cities when they collapse,” said Xu Yuanming, the director of China’s water reservoirs department, to China Economic Weekly, a magazine run by the official People’s Daily newspaper.

In response, the government has launched an urgent programme to repair and reinforce dams and reservoirs, spending 62 billion yuan (£5.9 billion) in the last three years alone. Officials have promised to make all 87,000 dams across China safe within the next five years.

Many of the risky dams were hurriedly built in a headlong rush by the Communist party in the 1950s and 60s to break the cycle of devastating droughts and floods that has plagued China for thousands of years.
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