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Sophisticated Chinese Traveler- Oxymoron?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 28, 2011

On a flight to Rome a Chinese guy who by virtue of the good will of the free world is now allowed unfettered access to civilized countries, a thing the motherland has only recently allowed, tried to teach a lesson to the Italian air crew. Through a Chinese flight member he complained about the state of his coffee cup- said it was dirty.
The guy apparently wanted to show he was part of the and civilized China, as if finding a dirty mug in this land of swill and infestation is a difficult task. So the hammer head pounded away saying he needed an answer as to why his cup was dirty and if the lady could not provide one, he’d fill out a complaint. The Italian shrugged and offered the form, she probably figured him to be an illiterate anyway, as does the current author.
The funny thing is that the Chinese are their own worst enemy and see conspiracy theories all about them. They fail to see the relationship between their horrible behavior- an action, and its consequences, a dislike for said behaviour. The guy, for instance, told the story of a couple of fellow ‘land of eternal darkness’- China, who took photos in a restricted area and were told to delete them immediately. He thought this was foolish and a sign of racism. Knowing the Chinese propensity for ignorance and foolish photos, one has to sigh and wonder just how much more work the world must do to civilize these creatures.

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