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Obamas in the Hood- Uncle Obama Illegal in the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 29, 2011

Obama who like most politicians pretty much sucks. He was dealt a crappy hand and has done little to make it better. But this off topic post is about his p’s or kinfolk. His auntie ‘onyango bop top bop’ stayed in America illegally for years but then was given citizenship and now it seems as if his babies daddy’s daddy brother or quarter brother is also an illegal.
Surprisingly enough his uncle was allegedly driving under the influence when he was stopped by johnny law. Then after dumping the 40 ouncer in his grizzled paw he got out of the car and said he’d like to call the White House- wtf? Its no wonder America officially sucks.
The president of the USA whose kinfolks are like something out of the Beverly hillbillies is taking calls in the wee hours of the morning to get his drunken illegal alien uncle out of jail. Obama really does stand for change.
Story here– ‘oh btw dont jump on the ‘oh he’s a racist bandwagon cuz he doesn’t like obama’ and try to pretend that you’re not that ignorant….

2 Responses to “Obamas in the Hood- Uncle Obama Illegal in the USA”

  1. Jay said

    Unfortunately, Obama has nothing to offer to the USA other than being the first black president.

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