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Photo of the Meeting of the Minds in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

I am unsure as to what this discussion is about but it probably involves money and or goods. Another thing is to observe the beautiful sky which has artfully been cloaked in the glorious exhalations of tall coal burning furnaces….

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Feeling the “Big Brew”- Chinese Sissy/Soldiers and Wimps

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a comment from Brewski aka the Big Brew. He pretty much sums up what I have come to learn while living here.
Brewskie comment-“I heard several times from a chap who’s claimed Chinese soldiers are a bunch of “sissy mama’s boys” who’d get their fannies kicked by US soldiers in the instance of a war. I assumed him to be a white trash bigot and blew off his comments; now, with stories like this, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s right…

Regardless, it’d be stupid for the US to chase boogeyman in another useless, needless and costly war; sometimes, I think the only blockheads dumber than CCP cadres are D.C. retards.”

Hmm Brew, I think you have captured my thoughts and beliefs nicely. Did you see my post that an American friend stopped to help a chinaman who lie bleeding and unconscious in the streets as all the Chinese strolled past? And did you see how they behaved during the Sichuan earthquake and times of struggle? Their actions lead this man to believe we have little to worry about. In addition I read a book called The Long March by Sun Shuyun who basically claims that this ‘epic’ event was fraught with foolishness theft and cowardice, but dont tell the cadres.

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Comment on China Improving Rights

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a good comment from Brewskie (sorry Brew I cannot approve it yet but got the email confirmation). In his comment Brew states that China is not, as they claim, improving Hum.an rights and has posted proof of the claim. Unfortunately I cannot open the links for I live in China and these sites are blocked….
“China is improving its human rights record!? Bullshit.





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Comment on the Cost of Living in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a post from the author of this site http://www.puddingandchopsticks.com. The author lives in southern China but is from the land of the bravest and freest- America. He’s got a great blog with killer pics so take a look…

Of course you know this but everything is over priced in China. Sounds weird right? I mean there are tons of poor ass people but when it comes to anything that might be bought by a person that has money, that object is so expensive that most of the time it’s more then the States. My buddy bought a cheap house up north and has to furnish it. He was looking into washers and all that jazz. If you want anything of quality, or at the same level of the States it’s so over priced that it’s sometimes double what it would cost in the States. There are import taxes but I think it’s more of just getting money out of people. Like perfume. There is a tax on luxury items, also the stores know that the only people that by perfume are rich, so they jack the price up. Is it worth it.. NO. Houses, cars, furniture, fridges, sit down toilets, etc. Anything that a rich person would buy is super expensive but not anywhere near worth it. Also reminds me of coffee shops with terrible expensive coffee. I
guess that the guy that go there like to brag about it and probably have the money to afford it. But for those of us that know better and may not be billionaires it really chaps my ass to know that it’s not worth that much and is way cheaper somewhere else, but I can’t get it for that much..


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My U$ 500,000 Mansion in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

My place or the place I rest my hirsute form is worth about 500 000 civilized US dollars. But before you go kow towing to me and thinking me a well-heeled man of position, let me explain housing China style.

The gulag I inhabit has the dimensions  of the orifice of a hippo or other large mammal. although its rated at 100 meters squared, that includes some about ten extra feet which by virtue of Chinese monkey math  resides outside my front door and is less than useless to me. That is right folks. For theprivilege of living in China you too can own a 100 square meter mansion in lovely smog encrusted downtown Beijing. , no shit.

This place is crazy and smells like a bubble. After the Olympics houses sprouted like dishonestchicoms and every swinging little member was in line to buy one, housing prices went through the roof. The impact is that Chiness houses are crazy expensive, never mind crazy poor quality. My dump for instance is six but leaks, is crooked and smells like must chinaman shit. When my neighbors shower or flush I get a smattering of their waste on my floor which is actually a relief as my toilet usually does not work. The facade is crumbling and to my reckoning she’s got about ten good years left in her.

But in China where they make their own reality, this dump is valued at 500 000 U$. It is surely the sign of a bubble. All throughout this mess of a land they have buildings going up but no one can buy. And now the places that are filled have out of this world price tags. I cannot say I will feel sorry for them when the bottom falls out, it’s not as if they’ve not been warned.

As for me, when I think of the things I could do with half a mil, buying a Chinese house does not even register. Although Ienjoy the place and love to bitch about it, I respect my cash a little too much to ever buy something so substantial here.

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Funny Rant on China Faking Her Imports

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a funny rant by Gowron aka the King about China selling made in China goods as imports….



So THAT’S why all my trendy house furniture I bought. Like those funny shaped chairs, that said Made in USA, or Ikea, or ABC anywhere but China. and my “Japanese” Sony alarm clock, which keeps on breaking down (I’m on my 4th clock, and it always breaks down when I need to rely on it the most, (ie a job interview, going to work for my FIRST shift, especially when I worked at Esso as a Gas monkey in the early twlight of a Canadian wintery morning), and this is why I paranoidly check to see if all is well with my alarmclock every It’s not, so then I clip out get a new “Japanese” radio clock. And here I though God was playing a sick game with me. and all the while it’s made in China. Fuck you China! not only did you stink me up with Jenkim (you know what that is right? Really smelly fumes, chemical biological, (ie BO is known to give you a brain numbing high that’s why teenagers are so wacky, but in the cases of extreme poverty some people actually take a lump of poop, garbage, in a bottle under the sun, and delibratly frement to get high off the fumes named after Genkem a brand of magic marker in Africa). So not only did I unwillingly get stoned off the JEnkim here from the rotten garbage like clothes strew about (NICE CLOTHES TOO, oddly enough business whites, shoes, strange not stolen), disolving steel metal from rusting bikes discarded by ABCs who bailed on China with thier illgotten gains, live animals being slaughtered their feces, childrens feces, spit goo, rotten food, “mud” feces feces feces on mall floors, dirty Chinee grimy shoes, rotten vegetation (ie piles of wood, weeds, stale goo water), or poverty not being able to wash properly in shower. yup yup Jenkem. As you can tell from my deminishing quality of writing. Im a unwilling huffer lol.

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Chinese Working at the American Embassy- Pure Problems

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Last time I was at the US embassy, a place that is supposed to be like home, I learned a lot about China. It was not just that Chinese workers there believe that based upon their position that they are somehow above their tangerine skinned brethren but also that we, the citizens upon whom they must depend for a salary are nothing more than a problem much like the hoards of Chinese who flock there looking for a free ride/visa and deserve not even a modicum of respect.

While there I heard the horror story of a guy who was trying to report that he was being threatened with bodily harm by a local Chinese man who supposedly had guanxi. The US guy even had texts in Chines to prove that the Chinese guy stated he’d kill him for some reason unknown to me. The helper, a local Chinaman who was as stonefaced as a lizard said he could do nothing. the american was beside himself and asked to speak to a fellow american, a thing one would expect to find at such a place. bu the stone faced man would not budge, after all why should he help one of us?

I had a similar experience with a woman named ‘Sherrey’ or ‘shirley’ whose real name looks like the urine stain of a deer in snow, who attempted to help me. In what she considered to be perfect English but what my ears received as mush -mouthed garbage akin to the noise a blender makes when a boot is stuffed inside, did everything possible to frustrate me. My petition was simple, to find a form but in true Chinese logic, this tart managed to waste no less than ten minutes of my time before failing to answer the question, necessitating my visit.

My question is that I went to the Chinese embassy in foreign countries and the US and they were all staffed with Chinamen. Why is it when I visit the American embassy in China I do not find Americans?

(idiotduck.com has a reasonable likeness of what ‘Sherrey’ or ‘Shirley’ must look like)

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