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Chinese Working at the American Embassy- Pure Problems

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Last time I was at the US embassy, a place that is supposed to be like home, I learned a lot about China. It was not just that Chinese workers there believe that based upon their position that they are somehow above their tangerine skinned brethren but also that we, the citizens upon whom they must depend for a salary are nothing more than a problem much like the hoards of Chinese who flock there looking for a free ride/visa and deserve not even a modicum of respect.

While there I heard the horror story of a guy who was trying to report that he was being threatened with bodily harm by a local Chinese man who supposedly had guanxi. The US guy even had texts in Chines to prove that the Chinese guy stated he’d kill him for some reason unknown to me. The helper, a local Chinaman who was as stonefaced as a lizard said he could do nothing. the american was beside himself and asked to speak to a fellow american, a thing one would expect to find at such a place. bu the stone faced man would not budge, after all why should he help one of us?

I had a similar experience with a woman named ‘Sherrey’ or ‘shirley’ whose real name looks like the urine stain of a deer in snow, who attempted to help me. In what she considered to be perfect English but what my ears received as mush -mouthed garbage akin to the noise a blender makes when a boot is stuffed inside, did everything possible to frustrate me. My petition was simple, to find a form but in true Chinese logic, this tart managed to waste no less than ten minutes of my time before failing to answer the question, necessitating my visit.

My question is that I went to the Chinese embassy in foreign countries and the US and they were all staffed with Chinamen. Why is it when I visit the American embassy in China I do not find Americans?

(idiotduck.com has a reasonable likeness of what ‘Sherrey’ or ‘Shirley’ must look like)

One Response to “Chinese Working at the American Embassy- Pure Problems”

  1. gowron said

    (Ha ha ha it’s Xaio Yue Yue. (sherley).

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