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Comment on the Cost of Living in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a post from the author of this site http://www.puddingandchopsticks.com. The author lives in southern China but is from the land of the bravest and freest- America. He’s got a great blog with killer pics so take a look…

Of course you know this but everything is over priced in China. Sounds weird right? I mean there are tons of poor ass people but when it comes to anything that might be bought by a person that has money, that object is so expensive that most of the time it’s more then the States. My buddy bought a cheap house up north and has to furnish it. He was looking into washers and all that jazz. If you want anything of quality, or at the same level of the States it’s so over priced that it’s sometimes double what it would cost in the States. There are import taxes but I think it’s more of just getting money out of people. Like perfume. There is a tax on luxury items, also the stores know that the only people that by perfume are rich, so they jack the price up. Is it worth it.. NO. Houses, cars, furniture, fridges, sit down toilets, etc. Anything that a rich person would buy is super expensive but not anywhere near worth it. Also reminds me of coffee shops with terrible expensive coffee. I
guess that the guy that go there like to brag about it and probably have the money to afford it. But for those of us that know better and may not be billionaires it really chaps my ass to know that it’s not worth that much and is way cheaper somewhere else, but I can’t get it for that much..


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