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Funny Rant on China Faking Her Imports

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2011

Here is a funny rant by Gowron aka the King about China selling made in China goods as imports….



So THAT’S why all my trendy house furniture I bought. Like those funny shaped chairs, that said Made in USA, or Ikea, or ABC anywhere but China. and my “Japanese” Sony alarm clock, which keeps on breaking down (I’m on my 4th clock, and it always breaks down when I need to rely on it the most, (ie a job interview, going to work for my FIRST shift, especially when I worked at Esso as a Gas monkey in the early twlight of a Canadian wintery morning), and this is why I paranoidly check to see if all is well with my alarmclock every It’s not, so then I clip out get a new “Japanese” radio clock. And here I though God was playing a sick game with me. and all the while it’s made in China. Fuck you China! not only did you stink me up with Jenkim (you know what that is right? Really smelly fumes, chemical biological, (ie BO is known to give you a brain numbing high that’s why teenagers are so wacky, but in the cases of extreme poverty some people actually take a lump of poop, garbage, in a bottle under the sun, and delibratly frement to get high off the fumes named after Genkem a brand of magic marker in Africa). So not only did I unwillingly get stoned off the JEnkim here from the rotten garbage like clothes strew about (NICE CLOTHES TOO, oddly enough business whites, shoes, strange not stolen), disolving steel metal from rusting bikes discarded by ABCs who bailed on China with thier illgotten gains, live animals being slaughtered their feces, childrens feces, spit goo, rotten food, “mud” feces feces feces on mall floors, dirty Chinee grimy shoes, rotten vegetation (ie piles of wood, weeds, stale goo water), or poverty not being able to wash properly in shower. yup yup Jenkem. As you can tell from my deminishing quality of writing. Im a unwilling huffer lol.

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