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Chinese Stealing Things? Post from Chinesepeoplehavenostyle.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2011

Chinesepeoplehavenostyle.com is a funny site about Chinese people and their clothing. The author is a man who is studying at a premier institution, all of which means nothing to me as my style sense sucks as badly as the Chinese. What I do appreciate, however is his writing style, sense of humor and ability to express himself. His posts are light-hearted and well thought out and he’s got some great photos. I think I have him on my blogroll and if I don;t I will do so as soon as I get done stuffing my face with junk food

from here:

Why do you want to just steal and copy everything, Chinese people? Don’t you want to have something of your own that you earned and thus has more value to you? I mean, it might be kind of hard for that guy to procure a vehicle by buying it, but it is possible… And it should be relatively easier for this girl to not just “steal a trend” (What does that even mean? Does she just want to follow a trend?) and have her own original thoughts about how to dress herself… Is that crazy or too much to ask?

4 Responses to “Chinese Stealing Things? Post from Chinesepeoplehavenostyle.com”

  1. gowron said

    I am ashamed to be Chinese. Nothing but stinky fingered sticky fingered thieves. I can’t stand the scent of Chinese “work”.

  2. @wtdevfint – Thank you very much for your review of my blog!! It always makes my day to see a reader care enough to repost my work 🙂

    @gowron – You shouldn’t be ashamed to be Chinese… The Chinese are collectively a great people with a rich history. Some of them are definitely thieves, but then again, every country has thieves… Most Chinese people really respect the law, and I feel very safe and welcome living in China and have come to appreciate most things Chinese so much more by actually being here. There are a lot of very talented and creative people living in China, and I promise to post more information on that in the future.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Tom from chinesepeoplehavenostyle.wordpress.com , your site is killer and hilarious. I know of many others who have been turned on to it and they love your style so keep it up. As for King, he is the king eom……

  3. Rono said

    But you are not Chinese, you are a Canadian. All that overseas Chinese is a bunch of crap. Your no more Chinese than I am German. My folks left long long ago and so I am 100% USA.

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