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Photo of Chinese Retirement Plan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2011

China’s got about four times as many people as the land of the free- USA. This means they have tons more old folks as well. The problem with that is that they have no social security net to speak of so instaed of going broke, they allow the elderly to rely on kids if they have them and to suffer if they don’t .This guy probably has no kids and will work till he passes.

One Response to “Photo of Chinese Retirement Plan”

  1. gowron said

    Well these old guards shouldn’t have dropped out of school just to wear mascara (the boys), and make up blush, and danced around with flag to really shitty music. Now all they have is sining old Red Guard hymns in Lu Xun Park on Sundays. As their country disintegrates all around them.

    As a Former Mormon, the church is haemorrhaging members, as they leave, especially with the access of high tech tools for younger generations to realize their artistic humanitarian potential. Especially in China. Especially in Venezualia, Niceragua, the Reds are finished in Africa which is slowly stabalizing. The old reds will have nothing left. They should do the world a favor and just kill themselves NOW, rather than wait for a slow death in the inevitable barbarism that will ensue an Karmically engulf their lives. I have no symapthy for Chinese people or their so called ancient culture. The Chinese is a savage piss skill. Japan learned to expand and develop peacefully, As did the Koreans. Yet the Chinese are incapable of not learning this lesson it seems.

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