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Beautiful Rant on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 3, 2011

This is part of a rant from Gowron aka the king. He appears snarky but it is due to the fact he’s aware and being aware just as in the book can sometimes cause sadness. In the following rant he clarifies the history or true meaning of be a man’ which I hear Chinese say to one another quite often. Thus, if you’d like to learn about China you need heed words of people such as his as they will tel you about the realities of living here. While some may find discomfort in his or mylaowai’s directness, you can ‘be a man’ and get past it in order to learn….
rant from the king
“the Chinese or Cantonese have a phrase that infuriates me “Jo Yun” (be a person, be a man, be human), sure…. but is it too much to ask the Chinese to BE PEOPLE first? They claim a monopoly on being civilized. But civilzed people intentionally don’t start fights in streets, don’t butt around like stampeeding wilderbeasts, don’t defecate where they stand, and don’t litter their own habitat like zoo beasts. So what they can write some squiggly scribbles, complex squiggly scribbles, into some poetry, or make elaborate bombastic costumes? When each one of the classical thespianisms are dedidcated to WAR? (Bejing Opera).

So you want us to Jo Yun, can we ask that you first Be a Ren? Anyways the Chinese are incapable of being self conscious, they have no prequiste self awareness. Especially of how gross they can be… And no tapping your fingers as thanks for tea or being poured something, doesn’t make you civilized.

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