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LA Dodgers to Go Red- China Buying the Dodgers?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 3, 2011

China is sitting on a pile of cash and the chicoms do not know what to do with it so they are looking for investments. The Dodgers are not sitting on cash so the chicoms want to buy into them or fund them.

I guess the chicoms should feel at home, after all, LA is a pretty smoggy place with tons of Asians. The sad thing is that LA’s asians are cool and seem to have a moral compass, relatively speaking.

My question is how badly the Dodgers will suck when they are forced to take chinese players and sell knockoff shit from Guangzhou.
story here

4 Responses to “LA Dodgers to Go Red- China Buying the Dodgers?”

  1. gowron said

    Oh I sincerely hope this does happen, so it sparks a riot in Los Angeles, and we can push out the fucking reds, or it’ll waken up America to the dangers of selling the 1 dollar Widget, forumale. When the Reds start touching Americana like that.

    anyways the wiget formulae= 1 dollar for a wiget to 1.6 Billion, some stupid suburbian thinks he can make a profit, BUT he’s paying an additional dollar for production another for bribes, another for taxes (bribes), another for transport to butt fuck jing jing hilojang, Fuckhui. and then yet another dollar, the THOSE magistrates. then you can sell it…. sell what???? because at each of these stops where were some bribes, to take a few boxes of your precious Wigets. So for your 1 dolar: -999999999999999999999 dollars. As Mr Buffet discovered. Perhaps he should have spent more time actually living in reality, instead of watching movies on his father’s arm chair with a bowl of pop corn. Does this asshole that got us into this mess, think the Titanic sunk too? Well it did, but that’s beside the point.

    Fuck you Mr Wigets, Well I do hope this deal goes through, and America resists the Chinese from touching sacred baseball tuff. And this inspires them to go bezerk enough to start lynching these traitors to Freedom and Democracy, as they pledge allegiance to the United States of America.

    • gowron said

      Biut I do hope Little Tokyo and Little Korea, and Chinatown has enough of these silly shinanagans of these little Chinese Fen Fen Emperiors-and Empresses, you know those silly Chinese kids who grew up with magical fables, of China because they watched some Bruce Lee or Sammo Hung movie, and think that by instantly moving to China to do business, they could gain magical powers and fly out windows. Then they move to China and see little children take a shit, piss, smoke take another shit piss and smoke as soon as the shuut shuuut (omonopiea of those mechanical sliding space like doors), doors of the airport welcomes them to the China they fantasized about. See I was this kid. I had all these fantasies about China, from Monkey King and other classical literature, or how Guan Yu was a general who threw thunderbolts out his ass and pissed out lava… (or that’s how he’s portrayed in the movies and video games, and his God form, and “I am Bruce Cambell”), when probably all our exposure to Chinese, is ni hao ma, Majong moms (a old ritual of the 80s, when new immergrants got to gether, the dads having a few beers eating, watching TV, kids with their video games), and dim sum Saturdays. And learning the myths of the gentle Chinese civilized, philosopher. Then coming to the REAL china of infantile 11 year old adults with the philsophy of mine mine mine mine mine, just like our Majong Saturday evenings…. then off to Chinese Christian church for some.

      I can’t take this shit anymore.

    • wtdevflnt said

      you know this place King!!!!!!!!!!

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