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Chinese Women

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

Chinese women get and have always gotten a raw deal. Centuries ago they were killed and abandoned because they could not carry on the family name and now although they outnumber the men by some 20-30 million they still get the shaft- pardon the pun.
A divorced woman is next to useless in this country for her womb has been used , no children more can be obtained so she has the value of Mexican dirt. Interestingly enough, when a family divorce here the guy gets the kid so not only does the woman lose her child but also cannot have another.
Such is the life of a Chinese woman…
(photo of screen shot from La Chine)

oh yeah look at the baby with the split pants….

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A Third of All Honey Consumed in the USA May be a Toxic Chinese Product

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

There is a site called http://www.chinacrapwatch.com and it has good info about our good friends China and the crap they send us. Here is an article from the site …
excerpt from here or here
“A third or more of all the honey consumed in the U.S. is likely to have been smuggled in from China and may be tainted with illegal antibiotics and heavy metals. A Food Safety News investigation has documented that millions of pounds of honey banned as unsafe in dozens of countries are being imported and sold here in record quantities.

And the flow of Chinese honey continues despite assurances from the Food and Drug Administration and other federal officials that the hundreds of millions of pounds reaching store shelves were authentic and safe following the widespread arrests and convictions of major smugglers over the last two years.”

continue here http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2011/08/honey-laundering/

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China’s Economy- The Truth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

Here is another comment from Brewskie. Thanks Brew!!! (ps wait till you see the shots I have of shitty Chinese welders, I showed them to some professional friends and they crapped themselves)

Comment from Brewskie:
“Second… I’m sure you’re well aware that Bank of America is having trouble – again! Well, Wikileaks spilled the beans on this late last year; then guess what? Julian Assange got arrested shortly afterward. Anyway, here’s a cable where bigwigs in the IFC’s Chengdu office mouth off on a variety of topics. Some of which are:

– Inflated housing costs are here to stay.

– CCP overlords have been well aware of asset bubbles since ’09, but don’t worry, the government will handle it (sure).

– China will remain a poor country overall for years to come, and will only become a respectable mid-level” country in another 10-20 years. China must increase the service sector’s share of the economy.

– Biggest impudent to becoming a more knowledge-based economy? The “terrible” education system.

On the last bit, get this:

“However, Lai identified China’s ‘terrible’ educational system as presenting a serious impediment toward achieving a
shift to a more knowledge-based economy. The current system promotes copying and pasting over creative and independent
thought. Lai said that the system rewards students for thinking ‘within a framework’ in order to get the grade. He described
the normal process undertaken by students when writing as essentially collecting sentences from various sources without
any original thinking. He compared the writing ability of a typical Chinese Phd as paling in comparison to his ‘unskilled’
staff during his decade of work with the IFC in Africa.”


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Public Shitter- China Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

I saw this last year but had problems uploading it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. This kid took a dump in the neighborhood of a bazillion stores and restaurants all with bathroom facilities. In addition this photo is not in the sticks, the houses here go for a little less than a million US dollars.

Anyone for some Chinese takeout?

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Breaking the Law,Breaking the Law!! China, Libya and Guns

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

China gets dubbed the financier of zealots and outcasts maybe they deserve it an maybe not, but here is a little bit on China’s arms talks with Libya…
from here:
“China denies that any contracts were signed at the July meeting in Beijing and says no weapons were exported to Libya as a result of the meeting. It also says it was unaware at the time that the meeting had taken place…
If Chinese companies did export weapons, it would be a violation of United Nations sanctions put in place earlier this year…

Analyst Richard Fisher at the Washington-based International Assessment and Strategy Center says he was surprised that Beijing admitted the meeting took place and that Chinese defense companies had even considered getting involved in the Libyan civil war. “We rarely, if ever, get even a partial admission of guilt from a Chinese government spokesman. Their first rule is to deny everything and the government spokesman again, after about 24 hours of delay, initially denying, coming out and admitting that there was at least contact with Libyan government officials,” he said.”

Read more here

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Alternative to Buying Chinese Made Toys

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

If you love your kids and value their little brains you may wish to consider buying ABC – anything but China made toys. Here is a website that gives you an option and choice.


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Electric Bus Fire in Shanghai, China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

Electric vehicles are probably a good thing. They may not cut down in the overall pollution of the world as they have to be charged right? But they may localize it so maybe we can just offshore all of it to China-again. Even the Chinese are into the e-vehicle swing, albeit e vehicles with ‘Chinese characteristics’.
An example of an electric vehicle with chinese characteristics follows
excerpt and photo from here:
“Not good. The third plug-in vehicle related fire in 2011 has come to our attention. This time, Reuters reports that an electric bus in downtown Shanghai, China caught fire while transporting passengers. The bus is reportedly manufactured by Shanghai Leibo – partner of Anhui Ankai Automobile”

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Chinacrapwatch.com- From Brewskie, Thanks Brew!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

Brewskie is a long time commentator with an eye on China or its infrastructure. He’s pretty knowledgeable about what is happening in China and sent this comment to the site so I thought I’d share it.
He recommends a few sites, one of which is

(photo from glossynews.com)

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